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Website design may make or break a business. For a business, it is not only important to have a website of its own, but quality also matters. So, it is always better to assign the task to an expert website design company in Pune like Technooyster. They explains the factors that drive customers away when a website is not designed professionally.
Clear vision about the project
The most important factor in website design is to clearly depict the objective of the business. A website can be designed to sell a product or to offer a service. In a web design, three important categories are involved – the client, the developer and most importantly the target audience. To facilitate the effective design of a web site, the complete details required for the target audience should be provided to the developer by the client. The motive of creating a website will be ruined when there is no clear vision about the business or how it has to be conveyed to the end users.
Less is more
The biggest drawback for any website design would be to add more features and information. The client may think ‘more the features, better the website’. This is a complete misconception and will create a negative impact than doing any good. The main aim should not get deviated with overwhelming information while designing a website. Remember, ‘more features, more complexity’.
Proper communication
When there is lack of both communication and coordination from the client as well as a web developer even an experienced web developer may find it difficult to accomplish the objective. Feedback from the client at different stages of the design is important as one cannot really read the mind or their expectations. A good communication will save time, money, and energy.
Professional assistance
It is important for anyone who wishes to have an own website to assign the job to a professional website designer firm. An expert and professional designer along with a team know all the requirements for a website that delivers effective result. We have seen a lot of people try designing by self help methods or with the help of some employees in their firm who knows about some basic web designing. But designing is not limited to codes, it involves more than that. The whole design involves marketing strategy, user friendly features, and incorporating suitability in all platforms other than a desktop. Moreover, a website designing requires dedication, creativity, time, experience, and expertise which can be provided only by a professional designer. A lot of time is saved by the client and he can concentrate in his business.
User oriented
A website is ultimately designed for prospective and existing customers. Apart from user friendly designs, retaining the trust is a crucial factor. There should be features that enable the client to get the contact details of the customers to keep them posted about their new products, services, or offers. Interactive pages like FAQ, comments and feedback features add not only the value of the website but also win the loyalty among the customers. When these features are missing and not done professionally, the user will definitely click the back button. There are umpteen numbers of competitive websites that have these essential features and become successful in winning clients and business.
Professional freedom
It is very important that a designer should be given freedom and any hindrance from the client will obstruct the project. While, it is absolutely necessary for a feedback, interfering in the web designer’s idea and creativity will have a negative impact with the outcome. This interference will have a direct influence with user response after the website has been launched. Time and money are wasted to alter or modify according to the new need. Complete trust with the team who are experienced and experts in this field with professional education background can do wonders if there is no hindrance.
Time limit
Web design involves careful crafting of a website that requires skill and time. When the deadline is stiff, it may affect the quality of the website. Any web developing needs a reasonable time as it has to cross various stages till its launch such as testing and quality control. When a project is rushed, even after conscious effort of providing a quality website, there may be flaws. As we have mentioned earlier, rectifying the issues will be time consuming. This can be avoided when deadlines of project has an ample time.
Cost factor
There are many web developers in the market for the price the client dictates. To survive in this competitive market there are developers who charge less. This is a tempting situation for those who want to invest in a website for their business. But when the cost is compromised, so is the quality. Though it appears to be a cost effective strategy, the ultimate result would be a badly designed website. This may burden the client with the incurrence of additional expenses to redesign the web design.
Other intricacies
A website without quality content, poor graphic designs, less quality of photography and images, poor layout, ambiguous designs are some other factors that drive away users. A professional developer like Technooyster, the leading website design company in India, takes utmost care in all minute details and strive to provide a quality website and increase the visitors and thereby the clients and business.

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