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Website Design Must-Have’s

10 Website Design Hacks You Must Know

Every company is striving to make it big with their digital presence. But that is not enough, you need a website. Unfortunately, the internet is swarmed with poorly designed websites that miss both the technical and content mark.
A website is mostly the first impression of your business. So, building an optimized, functional, interactive website is a must. It will help you in many ways, like build credibility, advertise your business and attract new leads. Small business should especially invest in a website. They should take advantage of each opportunity to increase their exposure and enhance the visibility of their brand and a quality website can do that.


Your website is what makes the first impression on your users. The unique design and feel of the website is what will attract them and the informative content, graphics and images will keep them browsing through it. The visitors should feel welcomed and cared for when they land on the website. The homepage page should be about who you are, what you really do and how you can assist them in solving their problems.
If you are a creative and fun brand make the website look like that, if it’s more corporate keep the design minimal and formal, and so on. Don’t compromise on the clarity and easy navigation aspect when designing the website.
For eg: if you were a online booking service for cabs, movies, hotels, etc. you would want to keep booking options and any offers available right on the homepage or as a pop-up, so that visitors can easily find what they came for. However, if you were an agency or a firm offering services to clients (B2B) then you might want to keep the homepage about the who you are and what you do, users looking to hire your services would want to know about you and your work.
Some of the best and unique designs of indian websites are here, they are not only visually pleasing but they are also responsive and easy to navigate.


Your website should give the user relevant information that teaches, educates, informs and gives people confidence in their decisions with your company. The content on the website should be engaging, easy to read, informative and free from jargon. Make sure the written content is easy to read and scan for users viewing it on their mobiles/smart devices. Include bullet lists and headers that are easier to scan through. Make sure you combine articles with videos, photos, and infographics.
Creative and Structured Content of Asian Paints
Asian Paints has a fun and interesting website, with appealing colors and information about the products and colors they offer among other things. They also have a chat option for users to ask any queries.
Incase you have images or videos on the website, ensure that all videos on your website have captions and transcripts as search engines currently read text much easier and faster than images. Ensure all of the images and videos on the website are of high quality and aren’t overly pixelated, especially on e-commerce websites where product images are crucial. Make sure the tone of voice is established of your brand and it is unique and relatable to the target audience.
Give your customers confidence in you and your business. Ensure you have trust icons, customer reviews, awards, and partnerships displayed on your homepage. Also, be open to conversion – request a chat feature on your site!


The design and look of the website might be in place, but what about speed and usability? Apart from the impressive look of the website, you need the website to be fast and ready to use. The performance of pages across the website needs to be at top speed. If a searcher clicks on a link to your website, but it takes too long to load you have lost a potential user or customer.
Always judge the website speed with Google’s Website Testing Tool and GT Metric’s tester. If your webpage scores a high in googles test and loads under 3 seconds in GT metric’s tester, then your webpage is good to go!
Google Page Speed Performance & Usability Report
This images shows a website that has average page speed, which is still a good start. Try to aim at a high score and good remark as that indicates a well performing website.
Any person who visits your website should be able to easily navigate through all the pages. There should be proper navigation tabs, links, menus and call to action buttons that guide the website visitor. You should be able to increase your user database through site visits, so it is important to have a fast performing website.


When you are designing the website, it is important to rank it high on desktop and mobile/smart devices. Earlier, websites were only viewed on desktops, but in today’s world most people use their phones for information. How do you achieve the well performing desktop website that is also mobile-friendly? For that you need to understand the different aspects of designing the website.
If you explain a website like you would a human body. Then you could say the bones of the website are coding, the organs are the UX design: measuring and optimizing against the input it receives and the UI design is the cosmetics: the presentation and the senses.
So what is UI and UX design?
User experience design (UXD or UED) is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. The UX role is complex, challenging and multi-faceted. The aim is to connect business goals to user’s needs through a process of testing and refinement to that which satisfies both sides of the relationship. User Experience Design is responsible for being hands on with the process of research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results. It focuses on the developing and improving the quality of interaction between the user and the company.
UI design on the other hand is more of a digital profession. It is similar to UX design and is challenging and multifaceted. It is responsible for projecting the product’s development, research, content and layout on an attractive, interactive, guiding and responsive website. It is responsible for adapting to all device screen sizes. UI design produces a product’s visual/graphic presentation, its reactivity and interactivity in response to a user’s input and the guides, hints, and directives that visually leads users through their experience.
UI & UX Design of Taj Hotels Website
UI & UX Design of Taj Hotels Mobile App
Taj Hotels – the website is responsive, has a great gallery and is an excellent resource for all things that Taj has to offer. Even the mobile version has all the elements that the desktop version has and the images are clear.


It is important to get found. If a person is searching for something and you have it, you want them to find your website and visit it. This is possible with Search Engine Optimization and it is very simple. There is no point spending on making a website and not get it seen. Always work with an agency or web company who is primarily an SEO agency.
The website should have on-page optimization. Title tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt text, keyword density checks, content (You don’t want to get slapped by Google with a thin content penalty), and the list goes on. Make sure that the on-site and off-site SEO optimization is on point.
As we all know, quality trumps quantity. However, long-form content usually ranks higher because it contains more comprehensive information. If you can answer those questions that users are generally searching for, then your content and website will rank higher. Audit and update your written content constantly to ensure it includes the keywords your target audience is using in their searches. Do not go overboard with the use of jargon and unnecessary keywords.


Every company reads reviews and checks your social media presence before getting into business with you. If your company has no photos online and very few photos, we think twice even if it has many reviews. Specially if it is a product or service based company.
Investing in a company or a dedicated person to handle your social media would do wonders to increases your website visits, in turn boosting your business. You can use your social media to drive traffic to your website as well.
If you have a retail site for products and services, you can implement ‘Shop Now’ on Facebook and Instagram to guide users to go to the website without any hassle.
Facebook Page of BIBA
Biba is an online shopping website and they can easily redirect their customers to their website with just a click of a button. This is much easier than having the customer manually search for the website.


Whether you are a site that sells anything or not, if you take information from your users you need to be a secure website. Users will not have it any other way, you need to have SSL and a dedicated server to make sure all the information on your website is secure. Every design should include fundamental security and privacy protocols, such as basic security checks, to protect client and user data.
Do not opt for the cheapest hosting package, it will mostly be a shared one. Hire a web company to help you with the best hosting package. Sites like GoDaddy and Amazon Web Services are reliable hosting web services providers.
Shared hosting causes a variety of risks and you could be sharing with a Spam site which would ruin your website reputation. This could cause a drop in ranking and in turn a drop in business as well. Just as you would buy a dedicated office for your business, invest in a dedicated server for your online business website.


Machine learning helps with content suggestions for users who come back to the site after the first visit and further on. They will be able to see the products they were interested in and know whether they are still on sale or not.
Best Example of Machine Learning and AI integration
Asian Paints has different options for a user to get in touch with, there is a chat, call, location finder and a expert chat button. They are placed on the sides and on all the pages of the website. The desktop version lets you tuck the chat and download the app option away with a click.
Chatbots are helpful in case there are queries and/or grievances. It is more accessible, available and quick which can be beneficial for keeping customers loyal to your business. A brand that deals with online services should think of incorporating a chat option as users expect a quick fix to small problems.


This applies to brands that are conversion-centric. It would be beneficial for your business to have tools implemented for creating campaign landing pages into the design of the website. Landing pages helps the users navigate through the website as you desire and makes it easier for them to make any transaction or even a purchase.

10. BLOG

Add a dedicated blog page to your website, where you talk about your business, tips and tricks, hacks, etc. Every type of business has a scope for writing blogs and a plethora of topics to choose from.
Blogs can also be adapted into social media posts and link back to the blog, so as to drive traffic to the website. Blogs can reach out to the customers on topics that are more informative, as they can write long-form content.
If you are interested in designing your website, do reach out to us! We are recognized as a top Website Design Company on DesignRush!

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