Monday, 11 November 2019

Want To Increase Brand Awareness? Google AdWords Is The Way To Go

With regards to expanding your brand awareness in the market, AdWords brand awareness can be an awesome medium that is frequently ignored by advertisers who concede to social networking and other various channels.
Those times are now a passe, where “buzz” and “hype” were unquantifiable and difficult to tie back to ROI.

Want To Increase Brand Awareness With Google AdWords?

You can make use of the accompanying simple five-stage plan to create a brand awareness campaign on the Google Display Network:
  • Clearly define your goals :
Identifying or defining your objectives is dependably a good starting point.
  1. Is it the thing that you are attempting to create a more positive association with your products?
  2. Are you vying to increase the brand loyalty of your current customers?
  3. Looking to engage more target audience with your brand?
  4. Is it all of the above?
Whatever your objectives are, dependably begin by recognizing them as clearly and in a specific manner as you can. Starting thereon, each move you make, each advertisement you write, and each penny you spend ought to point towards accomplishing your predefined goal(s).
  • Defining the metrics :
In this step, you would require defining the main metrics to concentrate on for your branding campaigns. Usually, these happen to be as below:
  1. Reach- The number of individuals who got exposed to the ad.
  2. Impressions- The number of visitors who actually saw your advertisement.
  3. Interactions- What did the searchers do with the ad?
  4. Frequency- What number of times did they see the ad?
  • Discover and define your target audience :
Placement targeting on the Google Display Network can be very powerful, enabling you to connect with your intended audience across the internet. Tools such as AdWords Placement or the Google Ad Planner enable you to extend your reach to sites where you’re destined to reach your intended interest group in view of subjects of interest, and in addition, division based on demographic parameters.
  • Be sure that you are creative with your content :
Farewell exhausting text ads, hi rich media. One of the most popular and loved things about rich media advertisements is testing and experimenting which format works best with which message. Regardless of whether you utilize content, animation, images or video, you have unending creative approaches to catch your target audience’s attention and keep them engrossed in the content of your promotional ad.
  • Success oriented budget :
Last but definitely not the least, comes the budget factor. As a rule, it’s best to stay with CPM offering if your objective is most extreme exposure. Assuming, be that as it may, your “interaction” objective is to drive searchers to your site, you ought to be utilizing CPC bidding instead of it. In case you’re uncertain what to set as CPM max, begin at what you would pay in the event that you were utilizing CPC and begin progressively expanding it.
Keep in mind, your CPM can either be set at the ad group or placement level. Begin at the ad group level, at that point as you become more acquainted with which websites are performing better for you, you can expand your placement bid over there.
  • Metrics to measure brand awareness :
When measuring the accomplishment of a brand-building effort, one of the best things to do is take a gander at the reach and frequency of the campaign. To do this, add customized columns to your Adwords account to view “unique cookies” (reach), and “Avg. impr. freq. per cookie” (recurrence).
The number of unique cookies indicated exhibits the number of users that have seen your advertisement anytime when browsing the web. In the meantime, the average impression recurrence per cookie demonstrates the number of times each of those users has seen your ad.
Alternate metrics you might need to consider are the engagement metrics given by Google Analytics, e.g. Bounce Rate or Avg Session Duration. These can let you know whether individuals are connecting with your site after they click on the ad, or in the event that they’re not intrigued. Poor engagement metrics could be characteristic of crisscrosses between the messaging in your ads and your landing pages. This leaves a user with an unsatisfied ordeal when associating in with your brand. The inverse of your actual goal.
Thus, we got acquainted with  AdWords brand awareness and the measurement metrics related to it. Hope that you found this article to be informative.
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