Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Using Google Ads Customizers A Complete Guide

Creating multiple ad copies for your campaign would be tedious and time consuming. Also when you are marketing huge inventory of products, it’s difficult to manually setup the ad copies, with different discounts, different coupon codes etc for each product. With the help of Ad Customizer you can automate your ad copy!

So What is Google Ad Customizer?

Ad Customizer is an interesting feature of ad copy, which will help you to dynamically insert text in your ad copy with a feed based solution.
You can automate the entire ad copy till the date you want to run your promotional offers on search.

So How to Setup Google Ad Customizer for Search Ads?

Below is a step by step guide which will help you to set up Ad Customizer for your search ads. Let’s take an example and set it up!
Example: Let’s say I am an advertiser who has an online store which sells women’s footwear. I have huge inventory in my store. I want to automate my text ads with different discounts every day with a different coupon code every day, and I also I want to show that offer is going to end in xyz days.
So let’s get started!
Step 1:
Login to your Google Ads account – Login
Step 2:
Click on the tools option on the right hand side of the navigation bar
Tools Option in Google Ads
Step 3
Click on Business Data under the Setup category
Google Ads Business Data
Step 4:
Once you click on the business data, you see a screen as below
Google Ads Data Feeds
We need to upload a feed here.
Step 5:
As we don’t have a feed right now, let’s create a feed which has all the information, which we want our ad copies to shown for different date’s.
So let’s create this feed on an excel sheet or a csv file. I have created a feed as below on a csv file, wherein I want to show different discounts for different days and I want to also shown different coupon codes for different days. Also, I want to show the no of days remaining to grab the offers to build urgency!
DateDiscount in PercentageCoupon CodeDays Left 
You can see that I have different discounts on different days and different coupon codes on different days. The most important part is the date column, Google is going to understand which data to be dynamically pulled for what date, so date column is important to add in the sheet. You can add any additional information you want by adding additional columns to the sheet, this is what I am looking for. Eg: You can add additional column as phone names, if the discount is specifically applied to a particular phone, you can add brand name if a discount is applied to a specific brand etc.
Step 6:
Now go to data feeds and click on the plus blue button and select, Ad Customizer Data
Ad Customizer Google Ads
Step 7:
Now upload this csv file after selecting Ad customizer data, have a look at the below screenshot, I have uploaded the sheet named as Women’s Sandals, as I am planning to market women’s sandals through ad customizer
Data Feed Option in Google Ads
Once you click on the blue text “Women’s Sandals”, you can see the data which you had added in the sheet as below and the sheet is under review for policy check as per Google’s Advertising Policies
To know more about Google Advertising Policies – Refer Article Google Advertising Policies & Best Practices
Under Review Ad Copy
Review usually takes 4 to 5 hrs for approval, sometimes it might take a day for approval. Let’s move towards the next step.
Step 8:
Now go to ads & extensions section of a particular campaign for which you would like to set Ad Customiser
Google Ads
Step 9:
Now create a new ad by clicking on the blue plus button.
Creating Ad Copy
Step 10:
After that click on the text ad option as below to create a new text ad
Text Ad in Google Ads
Step 11:
Fill the details for Headline 1, Headline 2, Headline 3, Path 1 & Path 2as per the message you want to communicate.
Now, we need to set up Ad Customizer. I am going to set up the  Ad Customiser function in the description 1 option as want to communicate discount, coupon code and days left for the offer. So uses braces “{“ to get the ad customizer function as below, which says, insert an attribute defined in “business data”
Google Ads Customizer
Step 12:
Now click on Ad Customizer, now I am going to define the attributes in the description, so I type manually, Buy Now & Get {, once I open the braces, I can see a dropdown which says Women’s Sandals, so this is the sheet from which the data would be pulled.
Selection of Ad Customizer
Step 13:
Post this, select discount, then select coupon code and lastly, select days left as below screenshots. Also keep checking the preview text on the right hand side, which is the text to be shown in the ad copy when triggered on Google Search.
Discount Selection
Ad Customizer Discount
Coupon Code Selection
Coupon Code Ad Customizer
Days Left  Selection
Ad Customizer Days Left
Below is the final ad copy, wherein you will see the attribute on the left hand side and on the right hand side you can see the preview of the ad copy.
Final Ad Customizer Ad Copy

Step 14:
The next step is to save the ad copy, the ad copy will go under review and will be live post review.
The ad copy data will be dynamically fetched matching the date on the csv file for 13 days (as mentioned in the csv file). You can automate the ads till the time you want to run your ads.

Benefits of Ad Customizer in Google Text Ads

Saves Times
When you are managing huge inventory of products with multiple brands and running different offers/promotion campaigns, it’s very difficult to create so many text ads manually and keep editing the offers every time. Ad Customizer allows you to save time of creating it manually and increases efficiency.
Improves CTR
As these ad copies are generated dynamically, you can easily measure which text is receiving higher click throughs and which ad copies are not. By understanding this, you can optimize your text ads effectively to improve and maintain CTR for your text ads.
Higher ROI
You can also use Ad Customizer by offering higher discounts for users who have visited your website in advance and are still searching for your products and services.
Ad Customizer is an effective function of Google text ads, they will automate your process by dynamically inserting text, basis business data for your search campaigns. You can make the most of ad customizer during festivals and events when intent is high across categories. Try ad customizer today and let me know how it’s performing!

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