Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Use The Power of A/B Testing To Improve Your Mobile Conversion

With the technological advancement, the Mobiles have become an impartial part of everyone’s life.
Such is the rising craze of the Mobiles and its use that as per a survey there were around 2.6 million apps in the play store in December 2016, which saw its number rising by around 0.8 million in just a year (being 1.8 million in December 2015).
This increase in the number of apps signifies the growing concern of Google towards mobile Uses.
With the number increasing each day, the competition is also on the rise and thus sticking to just a mobile presence will never do good.
It’s the time to convert your Mobile users and improve your apps downloads and mobile page visits. Also, the thing of today is to improve our techniques on how to better provide customer satisfaction and how to make them satisfied enough for downloading more advanced version of apps.
Change for the better!
With the use of the slight changes in the apps and the inclusion of the better ways, the performance of the apps can be improved drastically and you must follow the path towards bringing that needed change!
What to change? How to analyze the change required?
The answer is A/B Testing!
A/B Testing of Mobile Apps and other pages allow us to analyze the required changes and to offer you a genuine chance to go for the highest conversions!

Ways to do A/B Testing

With 5 below testing steps, you can achieve your target to achieve better conversion for your mobile apps and pages.
Since A/B Testing focuses on the main concept of ‘Generating actual data and particular metrics to improve your conversion rates’, it can greatly improve the results towards the success.

Define Goals and other important factors

Analyze your weakness in Conversion funnel through Google analytics. Analyze the complete Visitors Behaviors using various factors like Heatmaps, Visitor recordings and form analysis.
Several tools like SplitMetricsGoogle Analytics and App Store Analytics can be used for the analysis of customer behavior.
Identify the goals based on this analysis and draw out your plans for improvement.

Draw out a Hypothesis

Formulate a hypothesis as A/B Testing is a scientific process.  Focus on getting solutions to your queries like:
How can this test help you?
As soon as you get your answers to this question, you can work based on the algorithm as suggested by Optimizely. Focus on the three components as below:
“If____, then____ due to____.”

Analyze the final expected results

Focus on your expectations from this experiment like:
  • Reducing a churn rate
  • Engagement of more prospects to download your app
  • Encouraging your regular customers towards buying other services
Are these your primary concerns?
In case, you are not well aware of the A/B Testing skills, here are below tools to help you out


PickFu is a great tool to get unbiased opinions on the topics and queries, which matter a lot.


It’s a research tool which provides a user with a huge variety of samples on science projects. It was already mentioned that A/B testing requires to formulate hypotheses and use various analytical methods.
With the help of StudentShare tool, you can learn how to research and analyze big amounts of data.


SEMrush is an SEO platform, which serves a different purpose and is a prime name for competitors keywords research and for running keyword analysis and is considered as a perfect tool to get an accurate result.


There is no doubt, Optimizely is one of the best tools in the market. Optimizely offers easy to implement web A/B test on the fly. You can measure the how tests are doing in analytics dashboard. It helps you to improve your user engagement.

Build your Mobile Testing

Consider two aspects while testing your Mobile app.
  • Test your app content like onboarding experience, UI/UX, and CTA buttons in order to improve Conversion rates!
  • Test your app store pages along with landing pages and ads for the purpose to improve your acquisition rates
Consider below mentioned prime factors while testing:
  • Headlines
  • Price points
  • Description of App store
  • Payment gateways
After this, you need to calculate the duration of test as compared to monthly visitors count and measure the current conversion rate and the estimated results.

Record the results and bring in suggestions for changes

You can adopt several variations and can carry out several tests to bring in variable results. However, it is apparent that the original one is the best performing in terms of conversion rates.
When carried out in the best way, A/B Testing is the most powerful process, but one must understand that it should run based on your goals.
Test Proper and optimize your sales Funnel! Achieve unmatched growth through A/B Testing.
Achieve unlimited power of A/B Testing through our guide and explore it to the best!
Do you want to share your A/B tips here? Or you got any questions?
Please do drop in the comment section below.

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