Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Update on SERPs: Google Extended Length of Description Snippets in Search Result

Google Extended Length of Description Snippets in Search Result
Building a strong presence on the internet is something key to focus and everyone hunches to achieve the best over Google search to gain more business. We at Online Biz solution provides the latest update to the customers and help them to rank their website on the 1st page of the Google search engine. Recently, Google has made a significant change in its search engine result algorithm. As per the new updated algorithm, Meta descriptions have been increased by 100 characters per line and extended from two to three lines. In short, now the users will have a leverage of adding 320 characters which is a good significant increase, and up from its previous 150-160 characters.
Google Extended Length of Description Snippets in Search Result
It has been observed by the Google that searchers click on the link/Ads and bounce back quickly, which ultimately increases the bad user response and increases the Click Through Rate (CTR), especially on the Google Ads. To reduce the false Click Through Rate (CTR) and increase the searchers experience on Google; a new algorithm with the opportunity to express the right enough information on the Meta description is been updated. The extended 2 or 3 lines limit will give ample space to writers/SEO experts to highlight searchers what their webpage is all about. This will help to present far more of an opportunity to tell the searchers what the page is about.
Google’s new updated algorithm will not only help the company to promote their brand more effectively but also allows to control the Click Through Rate (CTR) and get a better conversion on it. Being a Google trusted partner, we would like first to bring to the notice of our customers & subscribers to quickly avail the updated service. With the implementation of an updated algorithm on the website allow the businesses to organically rank higher plus receives the better conversion on every single click.
It is always advisable to gain the low hanging market opportunity and get the maximum benefits out of it. Through this blog, we would like to hear more queries from you. We suggest getting this update quickly implemented on the website and increase the ranking over Google. It not only allows to increase the genuine Click Through Rate (CTR) but also allows to highlight more keywords on the Google search engine result.
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