Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Twitter Mistakes that Are Graver Than You Know It

Mistake #1: Tooting your trumpet tastelessly

You may feel like there's so much to talk about your product/service/or even you but you only have 140 characters so you drop a series of crazed tweets bordering on tasteless self-promotion and bragging. Nobody likes to read such tweets let alone interact on them. You may have the best product in the world but if you can't get over yourself, people will not want to listen to you.
Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing is all about two-way communication. It's not a place where you just serve up your sales pitch to consumers whether they like it or not. On Twitter authenticity and humility are prized qualities. Look for influencers and thought leaders in your industry—take a leaf out of their book, share your views on matters that are relevant to you as a brand, strike conversations, incentivize people to engage with you—that's how you build your own community.

Mistake #2: Using hashtags incorrectly

The whole fixation with hashtags started with Twitter, however, there has to be some logic behind how you use it. If you go on adding hashtags that do not relate to your industry or brand, you are defeating the idea of curating your content. There is any which ways a limited number of words that you can send out and in that too if you choose the ones that aren't used very frequently, it won't reach the right kind of people.
Likewise, there are some Twitter users who we have seen take the using of hashtags a tad too seriously. Like they will hashtag every word in their tweet—which makes them look really desperate and spammy!

Mistake #3: Ignoring users comments

This is the cardinal sin of social media and we have said this time and again in our previous blog posts as well. Not replying to a disgruntled/unhappy user on Twitter can actually create a tidal wave of hatred towards your brand—this will be especially true if you have a massive following and your indifference will be called out.
No matter what the comment, you reply. If your user is not happy about something, tell them you will make it better the next time, if they are happy—say that you are glad! People like it when their opinions are being listened to and responded. We can give you so many examples from our own experience where we have advised our clients to become proactive and reply to their users and they noticed a perceptible difference in their engagement level and likes.

Mistake #4: Not taking the time to proofread your tweets

The Twitterverse is known to famously pull down anyone into pieces for typos and grammatical errors—even the likes of US president Donald Trump hasn't been spared. Typos are common and natural but when you are a part of a community that is so observant of your little moves, it, therefore, becomes necessary to take a couple of more minutes to read what you are tweeting to save yourself from embarrassment and trolling!

Mistake #5: Showing up only when it is beneficial to you or you have something important to go on about

There's a saying within the Twitterverse that it is good to be overseen than be underseen. Many people and brands start off with this dictum but lose steam. This usually happens when brands host campaigns and giveaways—in these cases, there's a lot to tweet. However, it doesn't mean that when your event or campaign gets over, you go off the radar or stop tweeting altogether!
Establish consistency, keep tweets for a week ready in advance, keep track of the conversational currents within your industry, participate in them, retweet what you like—but don't stop!
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