Thursday, 7 November 2019


Ever since the advent of digital marketing, a popular topic for discussion has popped up that is, which is better; digital marketing or traditional marketing? However, there are two sides of the coin and it is essential to assess the pros and cons of both the marketing techniques. However, if you go by the trends observed in the last decade, digital marketing has picked up significantly as more brands and business entities are investing in digital marketing.
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Let’s take a closer look at why digital marketing has gradually started to replace traditional marketing techniques.
What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is a modern marketing technique that makes use of the internet. In addition, since the internet revolution has swooped across all industrial domains, digital marketing is widely used to create brand awareness and engagement.
Digital Marketing Includes:
• Email marketing
• Content marketing
• Search engine optimization
• Social media marketing
What is Traditional Marketing?
Conventional marketing techniques used to advertise or promote a brand is referred to as traditional marketing. Conventional marketing includes:
• Newspapers
• Flyers
• Radio
• Television
• Billboard advertising
• Magazine Ads
Benefits of Digital Marketing Compared to Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing techniques that have been in practice for several decades come has its own share of benefits. However, digital marketing has revolutionized the concept of marketing in recent years and has several added benefits compared to conventional marketing methods.
The potential of internet marketing has been realized by several business organizations for several industrial domains. Furthermore, traditional marketers have also identified digital marketing as one of the most cost-efficient marketing techniques. It is safe to say digital marketing is much more cost-efficient compared to conventional marketing.
It is safe to say that traditional marketing and digital marketing are two very different marketing techniques. However, one of the benefits of digital marketing is that the ROI can be measured with ease compared to traditional marketing.
Although traditional marketing has been around ever since the inception of advertisement and marketing, digital marketing has emerged as one of the most beneficial marketing techniques. In addition, digital marketing companies such as Technooyester help a business expand, reach their target audience, increase brand awareness and engagement in a cost-effective manner. Going by the current trend, digital marketing may soon replace traditional marketing in the near future.

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