As a website development company in Pune, that’s been working for the last 19 years and working closely with clients across diverse verticals to help them crush their marketing goals, we believe the key to the digital success lies in specificity. From targeting the right audiences to using the ad headline that hits the nail on the head—by being specific you make things easier to understand and act upon. Landing pages work on the same logic. They work on specific—the more precise you create them, the more conversions you will be able to drive through.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top tricks for creating conversion-driven landing pages—

Tip #1: Don’t go for the kill at the first go
Although you need to be clear and definite about your message that doesn’t mean you pounce on your visitors with a sales message. That is seriously distasteful. Keep your text to the point but be subtle. Sometimes, your visitors come to your page out of curiosity and wouldn’t necessarily be ready to do what you intend them to do so the trick here is—to communicate your message in a way that doesn’t seem obnoxiously sales-pitchy. It’s important to evaluate at what stage of the sales funnel your target audiences are and craft a message that will bring them back to you when they are ready to take the desired action.
Tip #2: Break things down in easy-to-digest pointers
Bulleted points are hands-down effective. A landing page that is broken down into the essentials or important features is far more effective than a landing page that is larded with chunks of huge paragraphs. Put yourself in the shoes of a reader—would you yourself sit and read lengths of text line-by-line? You certainly wouldn’t. Your visitors are already being chased by hundreds of people so it makes sense to present your text in points that highlight the main features of your offer.
Tip #3: Use an explainer video
Explainer videos are in vogue and for a reason. They pack just the right amount of information that gives viewers a fair idea as to what your product or service is all about. You should totally use them on your landing page. Companies showcasing videos are often received positively by consumers. Not only do explainer videos pack the information in just a span of a few minutes but also ensure that the visitors coming on your landing page stay longer—which works in your favor.
Tip #4: Include testimonials and reviews
These work wonders we tell you! You could place a logo collage on your landing page to show the clients you are serving or have served. Or you could include a testimonial by a client, an influencer, etc. that will help back your message and make the visitor take you seriously! You can also include press coverages and usage statistics. Don’t we all rely on reviews these days?
Tip #5: Focus more on the benefits than on what you have to offer
Let’s say you want to talk about your newly launched range of office chairs—around what will you craft your message? The features or the benefits. It should be the latter. People are more interested in knowing whether your chair will provide them with lumbar support and comfort and not whether you have a special handle that helps you rotate or tilt your head. Your features are important too but couple them with the benefits so that they become relatable and spark the interest of your visitors.
Tip #6: Avoid stock images at all costs
Nothing screams inauthentic and untrustworthy more than stock images. Say your a local company selling local products and put a landing page with Caucasian models on it, do you think it will make a first good impression—it will do just the opposite. We are personally put off by stock images and also advise our clients against using them. Instead, go with your internal team’s pictures. Brands must invest in good corporate photography so that they have something of their own and genuine to show.
Tip #7: Experiment with your CTA placement
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Should you place the CTA above or below the fold? Which works better? As per Kissmetrics findings, the placement of the CTA is predicated on the complexity of the message. Say, for example, your landing page has information that’s short and sweet, placing the CTA above the fold would work. However, for a message that needs to be put down in a detailed way, the CTA should be placed below the fold as it is only after the reading the text completely that your visitors would be in a position to decide whether or not they want to act upon.
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