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Top 6 Strategies to Make Your Content More Popular and Engaging

If life was food, content would be the basic ingredient of it.
Content can say to be omnipresent but creating an appeal out of it remains a choice. You can invest all your efforts to create a really long content but unless that content is original and informative to your audience it won’t create an impact.
To distinguish yourself from other competitors, you need to create content that is unique and customer engaging as it will help you build your brand reputation.
You need great content to boost SEO that eventually attracts your potential customers, generates traffic and draws leads.
Even search engines like Google are promoting originality in content by rewarding sites with high-quality content and penalizing the ones creating duplicates.
No matter for what reason you are creating content, it should be done the right way.  After all, it is the high-quality content that gets more exposure and popularity among the audience.
If you have been wondering about the kind of content needed to engage more audience and mark your presence in the social circle, this post is just what you need to read.

1. Write Original


The toddler step to take in order to create good content is to maintain content originality. Original content paves a long way for your brand through the search engines.
Websites like Mahalo and ezine have been crushed hard by Google’s algorithm update that prevents getting high SEO with duplicate content.
Reproducing the same ideas isn’t as original as it seems. Come up with your own innovative content instead of replicating other’s ideas.
It’s necessary that you have a content development team for your business to create strategic content that will resonate with your audience. If you simply focus on money, you will get what you pay for. This way you are ultimately defeating the motive of original content.
Instead of producing low-quality content at cheap prices, it is better to remain silent and not say anything at all. Let your content ink your customers by its originality.
“In a world of nearly infinite content, customers are looking for one-stop shop”- Mike Kaput

2. Curate Content

Provide information from sources that are useful to your content. Content curation is defined as a process to gather, organize, annotate and share online content.
Content curators understand the motive of your posts and collect the best-sourced contents relevant on a topic. Curating content creates a backup of what you are writing.
Search engines get a better idea of what your content is about if you provide the relevant links and sources in your posts. But be careful to authenticate your sources before you start linking them.
Image source:

3. Get Instant Feedback

Getting instant feedbacks on your content is another way of engaging a large audience and popularizing your post on the social upfront.
Create a thought provoking content to which the customers have something to respond. Ask questions or ask your customers to tell you what they feel about a certain view. You can take advantage of social media for this purpose as it encourages two-way conversations.
Consider for example BuzzFeed’s quizzes.
Image source:
People love to read a content that is woven well into a plot. It makes your content more catchy and relatable to the people.
Try to wrap your topic in a story that is thought provoking and leaves a lasting impact on the reader.
Take a look at the image below. The writer is sharing her personal story with the readers.
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4. Add Social Media Attractions

Think of a basic reason to why people spend time on social media. They do not want to keep on reading endlessly. Customers get attracted to social media items such as images and videos.
You can incorporate these into your content for an engaging affect on the audience. The people who are not typical readers might get drawn to a well-explained image that you added in your post. Or consider adding GIFs, which is the new trend of getting people obsessed with your content.
However, add visual aid that is only relevant to your content and helps you build your brand persona.
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5. Keywords and Headings

Headlines and keywords form the major part of your content. Why would someone have the urge to read a long post on your blog? It is because they find the title or the headline of your post compelling and intriguing.
Creating a catchy headline will not only attract customers but will also rank you up in the search engines.
According to the statistics by Copyblogger, 80 percent of the people read your headlines, out of which only 20 percent read your actual post.
This makes the title of your content as important as the originality of your content. Consider this example:
Image source: kissmetrics
It is attractive because of the simple fact that nobody wants to look dumb.
Similarly, keywords are the building blocks of your SEO. People search with all kinds of words. It is important to analyze such keywords relevant to your topic and use them in your content. It will eventually lead your content to a higher ranking in the search engine.
Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. Thus, keywords will lead your content to the people who are exactly looking for it.

6. Provide Actionable Answers

Why do most people Google? Simple; because they want answers. Ask yourself the question, ‘that, is your content ready to solve the customer’s issue?’
Try to create content that suggests people on implementing solutions instead of just bragging about an issue. If you provide the customers with a sense of how to apply a certain solution, they will automatically engage to your content and find satisfaction.
For example, consider the website It is a full educational website, where people readily get solutions. There is a lot of use of flash media, images and other DIY projects that are an easy source of customer engagement.
Image source:
Creating the right content can be a tricky task but it is important to do it correctly even in the era of never-ending market competitions.
Keep posting regularly so that your audience gets to see your presence in their social circle. Also, quality content when served at the correct moment can prove to be an appetizer for more content.
This will drive your business persona and establish your image as an authentic problem solver.

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