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Top 15 Factors For Sure Shot Google Ranking In 2017 !

2017 has just begun, and there is a lot of time at hand. We are talking in terms of ranking your website or blog. For that, the initial step would be to have the knowledge about the various ranking signals or factors. Only then can you implement them. We will help you in this, by bringing to you the Google ranking factors 2017.
The initial two ranking factors, need to occur in the same order. For others, they can be random.
  1. Quality useful content:
This is the most critical ranking signal. In a direct manner or in a roundabout way, your visitors are your target customers. Inspire them, help them, and give them what they’re searching for. That is the main purpose!
Your landing page ought to bring an end to their search, for that particular query. Nobody likes sitting around idly hunting unendingly for something specific.
Create properly edited exhaustive articles that offer some benefit to the visitors. Focus on detail and abstain from spelling botches. Be unique with your content, research and analysis. Make use of trusted sources to bolster the info. you provide. Write on interesting subjects focused towards perusers, not search engines. Write what is beyond self-evident.
  1. Organic quality Dofollow links:
At the point when other individuals discover your site page to be helpful or intriguing, they link back to you. In the event that the link is a nofollow one, it is not considered by Google to compute your PageRank. On the off chance that the link is dofollow, it helps your site gain authority. Links should come organically and there are webmaster rules which caution you against any sort of unethical indulgence.
Buying links can be harmful to your site. Google may incur penalty on your site, and if there is a manual action taken against it, it will vanish from the search results inside and out. You may need to visit the expert then. Google is additionally extremely strict on repeated violations. So, don’t be your own villain.
These two can be considered to be amongst the critical seo ranking factors 2017, from Google.
  1. Mobile compatible site:
On 21st April 2015, Google affirmed mobile friendly site as a ranking sign. With over 56% of the entire traffic coming from the cell phones, your site pages need to show well on cell phones which includes tablets and smartphones. To check if your site is mobile optimized, try out Google’s most recent tool.
A definite or must include in your Google ranking factors SEO checklist.
  1. Site speed:
In April 2010, Google affirmed Site Speed as being a ranking signal and it continues to be   amongst the Google ranking factors 2017. Your site ought to load in under 3 seconds, preferably in under 2 seconds. In the event that a site takes long to load, viewers are well on the way to forsake it. You can test your pages on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.
This site has a PageSpeed score of 89/100 and 95/100 respectively, on mobiles and desktops . In order to check stack times for a website page, you can utilize On the off chance that you utilize WordPress and need to enhance the speed of your site, check out guides on the best way to accelerate WordPress.
  1. Keyword positioning and density:
By utilizing your keyword once in each of the critical spots like the H1 heading tag, site page title tag, meta description, URL and in the first para, you are instructing the search engines and visitors as to what your content is centered around.
Webmaster guidelines mentions that the keyword stuffing can hurt your positioning. You ought to ensure that the keyword density is not in excess and it doesn’t seem to Google that you are keyword stuffing regardless of the possibility that it is not your goal. As far as expert opinion goes, as far as it’s not over 4%, you ought to have the capacity to get a good rank.
Keywords are fundamental and will be always. That makes this amongst the critical SEO ranking factors 2017.
  1. PageRank:
PageRank used to be a method for measuring the rank of a site. A site with a higher PageRank would typically rank higher than the one with a lower PageRank. It was suspended for the overall population by Google in March 2016. It is still utilized inside by them for ranking search results, yet because of broad mishandle, they suspended publishing the PageRank. Once more, this ranking component can’t be controlled by webmasters.
  1. Internal linking:
A large portion of the strong information and powerful strategies on internal linking are little more than advanced sounding guess. Still, there’s some legitimacy to conjecturing about how Google ranks and values the inside network of linking.
The essential hypothesis is this: Internal linking reinforces the general search-optimized estimation of a site. Internal linking does as such by giving clear ways to spiders, longer sessions for visitors, and a tight-sew system of pages and posts.
  1. Outbound linking:
Linking to other related sites is great and sends a pertinence and trust flag. However, you ought not try too hard. An excessive number of dofollow outbound links can spill PageRank, and you could lose rankings. Every single paid link ought to be nofollowed. An awesome WordPress add-on to nofollow links is Ultimate Nofollow.
  1. Optimized images:
Images on pages should be optimized so that they don’t add up to the site stack time. On the off chance that you utilize WordPress, you can utilize plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer or WP Smush to optimize the pictures. Your website page requires some pictures or infographics to assist a rise in the number of social shares and enhance the content quality. Using an alt tag for an image is a piece of the webmaster rules and sends a related signal if the keyword is utilized as the alt tag.
One excellent site to check how well your site page takes after Google webmaster rules is
  1. Website security:
On 06th August 2014, Google affirmed HTTPS as a ranking factor and was included in the Google ranking factors SEO checklist. HTTPS ensures the protection and security of site users and the trustworthiness of the site. It protects the visitors from intruders as well as from ISPs and Wi-Fi service providers from infusing advertisements into your pages. You can without much of a stretch get a free SSL certificates from suppliers like Let’s Encrypt and after that introduce them on your host server or you can join with a web host like SiteGround which offers them free of cost.
  1. Domain age and history:
On the off chance that you are purchasing a domain that has been claimed beforehand. You might need to do your checks to ensure it hasn’t been in a bad position with Google previously. In the event that it has gotten a manual action prior, then it would be troublesome for it to secure a respectable rank.
A brand new site which has no old WHOIS history is difficult to rank for the initial three months. You shouldn’t hope to be on the first page in the starting couple of months unless you make a site with remarkable content.
  1. RankBrain:
This ranking factor is out of webmaster’s control. RankBrain is a machine learning AI framework utilized by Google to show search results. RankBrain deciphers the searches and discovers pages that won’t not have the correct words that were hunt down by the user.
  1. Site architecture and ease of use:
A site displaying a good navigational structure and ease of use can help the visitors to easily discover what they are searching for. It can help decrease the bounce rate as well. Likewise, the site ought to have short URLs which are easy to comprehend both by Google and users alike.
  1. Content length and updates:
For a search query that merits freshness (QDF), your site needs new content. For e.g. News, current trends, occasions, and so forth. Crisp content is not required for websites. which have content implied for Non-QDF searches. E.g. The most effective method to boil up an egg, Inspirational Quotes, and so on.
In April 2012, a study of more than 20,000 keywords was completed. It was found that the average content length of the top positioning page on Google was 2416 words. Page ranking at number 10 had a normal content length of 2032 words. The conclusion is that Google likes pages which have very much researched content so that the searcher gets all the conceivable data in one place on that topic.
  1. Location specific TDL extension:
On the off chance that you simply need to rank locally or inside your nation. Then having a nation particular TDL is advised keeping in mind the fact that it will help the site to rank well for that nation. For e.g. .ca, .cn, .in. Thus, in the event that you need to flaunt that you are a SEO genius locally, purchase a nation particular TDL extension. Be that as it may, this will likewise adversely affect the site’s rank internationally.
So long that you develop an extraordinary website with great content, it won’t be long until it will begin ranking. Google ranking checker can also be of great help in this. Not to forget the above mentioned Google ranking factors 2017 and you’ll be headed to be a genuine SEO expert. SEO isn’t difficult when you set up yourself in place of Google.


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