Friday, 8 November 2019


Social Media Marketing has rapidly overtaken traditional marketing methodologies and the results are significantly overwhelming when you look at the number of active social media users. As of now, there are over two billion active users on Facebook while Instagram has almost 800 million users. Talking about online professional audiences, LinkedIn has over 500 million audiences & Twitter with a slightly lower but still very significant 300 million followers.
One of the primary reasons for a start-up fail to grow is the lack of importance they give to their marketing techniques. If you are entering a market as a startup or are already a presence, then do read the below tips which will help your start-up to enhance its engagement and be in touch with your audience, thereby increasing visibility,  client acquisition and retention.
1)    Identify the best Social Media Platform – There are several social media platforms available and they all cater to different audiences. These channels also provide you multiple types of campaigns, which can be based on your objective. The most famous platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus. You can also opt for some niche platforms on basis of your target audience. To identify the best channel you will first need to experiment and experience all of these channels and based on your liking you can shortlist the most relevant and effective platform for your audiences.
2)    Identify & Target an Audience – This is a very effective and vital feature which cannot be obtained simple with the traditional and legacy marketing techniques. Use analytics! There are some social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, which allows you to target your audiences based on their location, age, interest & habits. This targeting will not only help you reach the right audience but also increase your start-up’s reputation.
3)    Visually Attractive and Engaging Creatives and Content – With over 300 million creatives being posted daily on Facebook not only will you have to match the competition, you will need to overcome them. The idea is simple – just prepare and regularly update visually attractive & engaging creatives along with the content, which will urge the audience to click & communicate with your start-up.
4)    Capitalize on what’s Trending – Trending as we all know is a way of expressing the popularity of a specific topic. The social media channels like Facebook & Twitter help you see and engage with what’s trending socially. The relevant trending hashtags can be used in your social media posts in order to reach your specific audiences. You can even create your own hashtags & create a unique identity for your start-up on social media.
5)    Mobile Marketing – Gone are the days when people used to surf on their desktops or laptops. The whole world has gone digital & this has resulted in a tremendous increase in mobile users. The generation has now moved from websites to mobile-friendly websites and so have the social media platforms. Social channels have made many advancements in their posting techniques which help mobile users get easier & appealing views of the posts.
6)  AI of Social media – Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the name suggests helps you expend less manpower & human efforts. Social media platforms help users to create content & creatives without having the expertise in the respective domains. It also allows you to maintain the database, monitor the targeting of your audience & schedule your posts as per requirements.
7)   Analyse & Track Data – Every strategy plan needs to conduct analysis and use all available analytics. You should always keep an eye on your social media posting metrics. Use the analytics and metrics to enhance the effectiveness of your product and content, don’t ignore it and complain. E.g. based on the metrics you should identify when your audience is more active on social media and then schedule your posts. This will help your post reach the maximum audience possible, organically.
8)    Share Coupons and Promotional Freebies – Other than engaging posts, sharing coupons & giveaways helps lure your audience in and to engage with your brand again and again. This will also help you in marketing your start-up as the followers are more likely to share the advantages and benefits in their network as well. The study says that around 80% of audiences keep continued engagement with the brands who offer coupons & discounts to their followers.
9)    Customer Service – Customer service has been a big issue in various organizations. There are many audiences which have left brands on the sole basis of bad customer service. This is where you can take that extra step and stand out. E.g. There are features on social media channels where you can use automatic replies to showcase your promptness. You can set aims and goals for responding to your customers & resolving their complaints, problems or issues with a platinum level of customer service. This will show your clients that you care.
10)    Stay Active – You will need to stay active on social media, at least as active as your audience is. Never leave your audience assuming about your presence! Always let them know that you are there, with new updates and/or content. Your posts will help them to engage with you, build trust.

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