Saturday, 23 November 2019

Tips To Write Sell-Centric Product Descriptions

Online shop owners often write product descriptions as a bit of an afterthought. In a rush to get a new item listed, we race through the copywriting process, remembering to include standard information like dimensions but failing to really capture potential customers’ imaginations and interest.
Writing product descriptions and racing through the content which can help you sell is not a good idea. E-commerce websites often write descriptions which technically is sufficient but does it really suffice the objective of selling? Hence we need the catch the intention of the consumer in a creative way. Got the point?
You need to understand that the person who has come to a website to buy something will not be able to touch or feel the product. Hence as a writer, your job is to make them feel that. If not, then the consumer’s choice is scrambled and describer the product focusing on the intangibles. How the product can make the customer’s life easier, how will you be able to solve your problem is what should be included.
Follow the pattern for the description. Consider questions like Who, What, Where, When, and Why as the most important elements of the content and then come down to other info like other general information.
Remember, that you have to show and not just tell. When you step into a physical shop the representatives show you right? Imagine in that way! You need to explain in a way that you are demonstrating the product. Show how durable it is, the life of the product, etc. If your product has won any praise, honors or awards, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that’s a form of validation that can sway a potential buyer to purchase your product over a competitor’s while doing online research.
Testimonials or reviews of those who have used it. When you sell, try to take a testimonial from them to make potential buyers understand better. Nothing spreads better than a word of mouth and reviews from real users makes a lot of difference. If in case you are not sure that your copy will sell, try asking someone to read it out and give you a review and if they have any questions you can simply answer them by writing the copy again! Remember that customers are often comparison shopping across several websites when buying your products, so having the best product descriptions that answer all the right questions will result in making the sale.

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