Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The Samsung Frame! On- TV, Off- Art

Revolution, industrialisation, technological development etc. everything has bought miracles. From nothing to everything. Things boomed like unbelievably. TV from a black & white, Colour, LCD, LED, Smart TV, 3D, Android and now here is something remarkable.
Mistaken thinking it’s a painting hung on the wall? Then that stunning painting is actually the Samsung’s new TV named FRAME, which acts as a painting when not in use. Wouldn’t you buy an exquisite painting for every single penny worth? You will love to buy this TV to enhance that wall of your house.
Frame is launched in two models – 55inch and 65inch with wooden frame. You can change the wooden frame according to your d├ęcor. It slips into an artwork when in power saving mode, it has a motion sensor where it sets itself automatically when it detects lack of movement in a room. It uses a motion sensor that keeps the image onscreen as long as it senses movement. When there’s no motion after a while, the screen goes blank, saving power.
When the screen is on and showing art, an ambient light sensor matches its brightness level to the room. Best thing it offers you several options to choose as a display, around 100 paintings with different subject and genres, better than best thing is when you can display your own images or download as you want.
Hung it on the wall closer with zero space or use the studio stand or table top stand legs it’s going to look outstanding. Well, it’s nothing new about TV as a painting but Samsung has taken a step further. The Frame is a 4K HDR TV, and it comes with four HDMI ports, three USB ports, and supports all of the standard Samsung smart TV features.  All sets are naturally 4K Ultra HD and have extended smart functionality and apps. The virtually undetectable Invisible Connection replaces unsightly TV cables, leaving your space beautifully uncluttered. It cost $2,000.
Bring home the Samsung Frame!!

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