Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The Nays’ of Instagram To Avoid No Matter What

As a digital marketing company in Pune that works with a bunch of young minds (we work with those with young hearts too;), we cannot help taking a liking to social media where all youngsters are unfailingly active on. You guessed it right, we are talking about Instagram! We heart Instagram, like really! The best thing about Instagram is that it is photo-centric and is slowly emerging as a mini-blog platform! The engagement levels are terrific and the community is warm and welcoming especially for new brands.

Mistake #1: Not having a well-defined purpose behind your posts

Many mistake Instagram's laid-back and casual vibe for randomness, which is totally untrue. People may bare their hearts on social media or brands may talk about their human journey but all the successful ones have a thought-out strategy. Without that in place, you will be one of those many that talks shop, get a few likes here and there, and are soon forgotten about. The best approach to this is to decide what it is that you want to concentrate on for a particular month—let's say you are launching a new product, your posts should naturally gravitate towards said product and not digress.

Mistake #2: Not posting fresh pictures but resharing old ones

A big NO-NO! This is something that we always tell our clients when they approach us for Instagram marketing. The Instagram audience is voracious for fresh, creative, and entertaining content. They don't want the same old ideas rehashed and shown on their feed. People who follow you religiously will immediately unfollow you as they don't want to be spending time on a brand that is lazy to produce new content!

Mistake #3: Not sprucing up your bio

The most commonly made mistake we see on Instagram is this! As devoted Instagram followers, you'd know that the links that you put on your posts just go as texts and aren't hyperlinked. However, that doesn't mean Instagram doesn't provide you with the opportunity at all. You can post your website's link in bio and direct your users to click on it as you will see in posts as 'link in bio'. But there's another way you can maximize on this. While it's true that if people like your product pictures they will click on your link in bio, that won't be the case always. The reason for this is that clicking on the link disrupts the experience and many would rather just keep scrolling.
The trick here is to entice them with an attractive call to action that will make them click on it. It could be a discount or everybody's favorite word 'free' written somewhere that will catch people's attention.

Mistake #4: Not responding to comments

This is the biggest pet peeves of anyone who has ever commented on their favorite brand's post or story. Given the engaged community that Instagram enjoys, it won't go well with followers whose comments go unanswered. Your failure to respond to comments will be taken as your indifference and nobody wants to waste time on a brand that doesn't show love back. You will have noticed this—even the most successful influencers take time out to reply to the comments they receive.

Mistake #5: Not using stories

We are officially declaring this a social sin! In just a short period of time, this feature of Instagram has gained a cult following. As per Instagram's internal data, about 500 million users use Instagram stories! This feature has been evolving too, right in its starting days—short and sweet stories would get high engagement but off late, long-form Instagram stories are getting big; check popular Instagrammer, Caroline Calloway's stories—they are 30-40 slides long and very entertaining. As a brand there's so much you can do with them. But please avoid making your stories all sales-y and make them fun to view.
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