Monday, 11 November 2019

The Future of Search: Mobile, Augmented Reality, Social, Voice & Internet of Things

The Future of Search

The Future of Search is about understanding user behavior online and offline. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly with users favoring mobile devices for research, comparison and purchase of products / services.
Over a 100 million people already have Google Voice Search enabled (“OK Google”). Virtual digital assistants like Apple’s Siri & Microsoft’s Cortana are aggressively scaling up their technologies to answer complex questions. Augmented reality products like Oculus Rift & Google Glass are ramping up toward a mass consumer-level roll-out. Wearable devices are in fashion – Whether it’s Samsung’s Gear S2 or the Moto 360, these devices are now an integral part of our pop culture.
With the world moving toward an entirely new setup, mostly driven by context & by early adopters of technology, how do marketers create & optimize content for Search Engines of the Future?
Key Takeaways
  • What are the emerging devices / technologies & how do they affect consumer search / purchase behavior
  • Mobile Apps & how do we get them indexed
  • Optimizing content for Voice Search : Siri, Cortana, Google Now et al.
  • Social Search: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn’s walled gardens.
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