Saturday, 23 November 2019

The Five Mistakes To Beware Of Committing In The PR Industry

A lot of organizations see public relations as free advertising. Organizations usually focus on sharing their brand story through PR. Drafting a press release or article and disseminating it out through a news wire no longer cuts it. You need to plan and be very careful with your PR approaches to make sure of your company’s success. 5 most common PR mistakes that are regularly been made by companies along with the tips to improve it.
Lack of Background Information
PR gives a massive boost to the business by spreading awareness about it. To reap the fruits of your labor you need to keep the focus on your PR efforts. By keeping focus you’ll have a certain level of understanding about the topic. So to mark your beginning, research and understand the publication and type of story they usually do. You need to pitch the right publication. A lot of times when you don’t have an updated list you might outreach wrong journalists working in a different publication. So, you need to research and update your media list constantly.
Lack of Good Sense of News Value
Not every news needs a PR push!
Having a brand story to get published is very basic these days which not need PR push. A journalist wants their story to be read by people. So, they generally need something that can drive eyeballs to their stories. So pitch for stories that can interest you as a reader and the journalist as influencers. So, if you want your story to be covered by the journalist never use a generic or common story angle. Create your editorial calendar and also collect publication or journalist’s calendars. The list may help you to source future stories.
No Media Relations
In PR the word relation plays a vital role. You need to build relationship with both the client and the journalist. But it doesn’t happen in a day. So, you need to spend some time with both and base the relationship on the mutual beneficial ground as connections are built by creating rapport and connecting with them to understand both their needs and wants. But a lot of companies don’t focus on it and simply do cold calls and mass mail to the journalists which backfire as sometimes the company doesn’t take effort to understand the publication. So before approaching, take time and research about the journalist and then build relations by sharing introductory mail.
Wrong Pitching Style
Researching and understanding the journalist is one part of the puzzle, next comes pitching. Pitching is a talent that requires practice and time. As sometimes pitching may look like promotional sales. You don’t need to put too much or even too little information in your pitch which requires more time for fact-finding. So, while pitching always remember to focus on sharing a short introduction to your story along with the critical information and also a closing statement. And always remember to leave small detail, links and document attachment to the mail.
Less Importance To Regional Publication
Generally, PR targets big media houses for their story and it is right in away. But PR activities will be of no use if the piece doesn’t suit the publication and also if your target audience is not there. You cannot see any benefit of the coverage if your aim is not getting fulfilled there. A lot of organizations waste time pitching for the wrong publication for their respective stories which not at all meet their targets. So, it’s better to reach relevant publications that meet your target. Your target audience may happen to read the smaller publications. Therefore, start pitching for smaller publications and make your story appear there which can help you to pitch further in big publications with new angles.

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