Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The 7 Important P’s of Social Media Marketing

Alright, whether you are our regular reader or have just stumbled on this article—you know that already by now that social media to your brand/business is as important as food is to your soul. There's no need for us to establish that, do we? We hope not because the world is thriving by embracing new features and developments that are changing our social landscape and if you still aren't convinced about social media marketing as a veritable avenue of revenue, God bless you!
Moving on.
Being a social media marketing services company isn't as fun as it sounds. While social samurais make it all seem like a goose play, in reality, there's a lot of research, planning, strategizing, reworking, and monitoring going on.
You may be familiar with the important P's of marketing—product, price, placement, promotion, and place; they are the fundamental strategic elements that businesses rely upon to achieve their objectives. Similarly, there are some crucial P's—we'll call them tools—which set the stage for a brand's social media marketing success.

Here's what they are


It all starts with a purpose. As a company offering social media services in Pune, we'd like all the local businesses to be embracive of what is relevant and indispensable, we wouldn't want them to jump on the bandwagon without a clear purpose. Ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve—brand awareness or lead generation? Do you want to sell your products or just want to have an engaged community? Know what you want before you hurl yourself into it.


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Plan every single silly thing—from your artworks to copies to timing to responses to extra posts to EVERYTHING in between. You need to be in control of the communication that happens on your social media at all the time. God is in the details—given the casual nature of social media, you may be tempted to think that you don't need to have a proper plan in place and can wing it as and when things come up. This is where many go wrong. Plan and organize and be in control.


It is crucial that you set processes for your team so that in the event of a query or a complaint, requisite responses are sent promptly. There are times when brands completely rely on automated publishing tools and forget about what's going on in their accounts. This cannot happen as it shows casualness and insincerity on the brand's side.


You need to feed your social media accounts with content—that's how they work! So which means your creative team needs to work on a regular basis to create fun, engaging, witty, likable, and consumable material. Your heart and soul depends on what you produce so roll up your sleeves and get down to the real work.


Like all the good things in the world, social media, too calls for patience. We often hear clients complain about how their number of followers isn't increasing or that they aren't getting the fantastic leads they were promised they would—to which our answer is patience. There is no gravy train or shortcut for success on social media. Though there are some who will resort to buying followers, which might make some happy but in the grand scheme of things, those bots won't do you any good! So practice patience and focus on your strategy.


Patience and persistence go hand in hand. They say diligence is the mother of good luck and in social media, it is the surefire way to your online success. Many local businesses often set up their social media accounts only to leave them as barren pages with content published in bits and pieces. But ask any digital marketing company and they will tell you how important it is to be consistent in posting content on social media.


Promotion is the last cog of the social wheel and is super super necessary. We all know that ever since social media giants launched their own advertising platforms, organic reach has come to a screeching halt. In short, you need to pay to get seen, that’s the reality but never mind, there are wonders that you can do within your budgetary requirements. Whether it’s targeted ads or brand awareness promotions or lead generation campaigns, there is no scarcity of ideas when it comes to promoting your brand.
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