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Switching from Wix to WooCommerce

Switching from Wix to WooCommerce
There are several reasonable solutions to switch from Wix to WooCommerce. The first one is the intention to expand your Wix-based web store and bring it to the brand new level. This can be achieved by providing the outstanding and rich eCommerce feature set WooCommerce offers.
Secondly, as your Wix store grows, you may face problems when managing the assortment of products, which obviously keeps increasing as well. Finally, you may have an intention to create unique pages for each and every product. Offering an abundance of design customization tools, WooCommerce will give your online store powerful eCommerce focus, irrespective of its initial goal.

DIY Website Migration or Professional Services?

When deciding to migrate from Wix to WooCommerce, you should be ready to face lots of challenges. This is because the process is not that simple as it may initially seem and there are lots of nuances you’ll need to handle to make it a success. This is especially true when it comes to the needs and skills of newbies.
The process of migrating from Wix to WooCommerce implies several must-have steps. These include domain and hosting transfer, proper product export/import, traffic redirection, further website SEO optimization. This is not the complete list of aspects to consider, while switching from one platform to another.
There are two options to consider here – you can either try to manually transfer your website or use professional assistance. Which option is more preferable in your particular case? This depends upon your skills and the size of your web store.
If you are not a web design pro yet have a mid-sized or large online store and wish to move it to WooCommerce, then the use of specialized website migration programs will be a more reasonable solution.
One of the best systems to try in this case is Cart2Cart, which ensures automated shopping cart transfer, making it safe, fast and hassle-free. The system will not only move your products, orders and customer profiles automatically, but will also provide 24/7 assistance to handle all the related issues.
No tech help or knowledge is required to complete accurate data transition within a couple of minutes only. The process itself includes three steps only and it won’t have any effect upon your Wix store performance, which is often one of the aspects web store owners are concerned with.
Prior to deciding in favor of automated website transfer, though, keep in mind that these systems are paid and not altogether reliable. This is mostly because some website elements just cannot be moved automatically and require manual transfer.
If you own a small online store and don’t have experience in website migration or even basic coding skills, it still makes sense to try moving the website manually on your own. Have a look at the detailed guide that will help you switch from Wix to WooCommerce with maximum efficacy.

How to Switch from Wix to WooCommerce – The Ultimate Guide

As soon as you are done with your Wix to WordPress website migration, it’s high time to take care of correct web store transfer. With this purpose, you should initially integrated the Woocommerce plugin to proceed with further web store migration. This process itself involves several must-have stages. Here they go:
  1. Export Products from Wix Store. The website builder allows exporting products from the web store along with their major data in the CSV file format. Mind, however, that this procedure is not yet applicable to all the products. Export of digital goods is not currently supported. What’s more, the system allows exporting up to 5000 products. This may be a hindrance to large online hypermarkets with dozens of thousands of items offered for sale.
    Export Products from Wix Store
  2. Select the Products You Wish To Export. Reach the store products tab to find and export physical products. To do that, just activate the “Export Products to the CSV File” section. If you don’t see the icon, select the “Physical” tab in the Filters section. Press the “Export” button to start downloading products into the CSV file.
    Select the Products You Wish To Export
  3. Export the Selected Products. Tick the selected products you wish to export and activate the corresponding button. Then enable the “Export” button to download the CSV file with the selected products.
    Export the Selected Products
  4. Import Products to WooCommerce. What you should know is that woocommerce has a built-in csv importer/exporter. This makes the process of file import simpler and much safer. No matter how many products you intend to import to WooCommerce, all of them will be imported in a single CSV file – the one you’ve created in Wix. Just pick the downloaded CSV file and start the export procedure.
    Import Products to WooCommerce
  5. Mind the Images. While moving the images, keep in mind that they should be pre-uploaded or available online to be further imported to your new WooCommerce web store. External images URLs are also supported and may be imported to the Media Library of the platform in case of necessity. If the image is already available in the Media Library, you can just define its filename to move it to your product section.
    Mind the Images
  6. Upload Products from the CSV file with one upload only. To do that, reach the WooCommerce dashboard and then access the “Products” section. Pick the “Import” tab found at the top of the page to see the Upload CSV File screen.
    Upload Products from the CSV file with one upload only
  7. Start the Import Procedure. Pick the “Choose File” button and then choose the CSV file stored on your computer. As a rule, standard CSV elements are comma-separated, but if you use an advanced CSV Delimited option, you can specify another delimiter you’ve used in the file.
    Start the Import Procedure
  8. Map CSV Fields to Products. Right after the upload of your CSV product file, you will see the Column Mapping screen. WooCommerce will try to match the column names from your CSV file to the available fields by default.
    Map CSV Fields to Products
  9. Adjust the Required Fields. Reach the drop down menu to adjust the required fields. If there are any products or elements you don’t wish to import to your new WooCommerce store, then just indicate the “Do not import” tab. Mind that all the unrecognized or undefined columns won’t be imported by default as well.
    Adjust the Required Fields
  10. Run the Importer. Finally, activate the “Run the Importer” button to start the process. Wait until it’s completely finished and don’t refresh or update the page until it’s done. That’s all about CSV product file import to WooCommerce.
    Run the Importer
  11. Customize Product Pages. As soon as you are done with your CSV file product import from Wix to WooCommerce, you’ll have to work on the customization of product pages. His can easily be done via the installation and activation of extra WordPress plugins, such as WooBuilder Blocks or WooCommerce Single Product Page Customizer. These plugins make it possible to add HTML or text elements to required product pages without the necessity to edit the theme itself.
    Customize Product Pages
  12. Adjust SEO Settings. If you don’t wish to lose your current web store positions in the search engines and traffic, you’ll have to set up the major SEO settings. Copy and check meta tags and URL structure of the pages to make sure they are correct. If not, then set them up and edit them as needed. If there are any pages that are not redirected by default, set up redirects as well. And don’t forget to check, if everything is done properly.
    Adjust SEO Settings

Bottom Line

It goes without saying that Wix is a full-featured all-in-one website builder that can cover a broad spectrum of user needs. However, when it comes to eCommerce website development, it may lack flexibility and advanced functionality to start and manage large-scale web stores. This is where the migration to WooCommerce may be a reasonable solution.
There are two ways you can go here. You can either decide in favor of using automated shopping cart migration programs like Cart2Cart, for example, or try to move your Wix web store on your own. The choice should basically depend upon the size of your online store and your web design expertise rate. Guidelines listed above may help you complete the task with maximum efficacy.
Even if you are sure that you’re successfully done with your Wix web store transfer to WooCommerce, do not deactivate your Wix site or close the account at once. You may encounter unpredictable problems, if you’ve overlooked certain nuances during the migration process. Take your time to check, if your new WooCommerce website functions well and only then deactivate your previous Wix account.

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