Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Switching from Wix to Shopify

If you start noticing that your Wix online store product range grows and you need a more functional and spacious website, you won’t go without transferring your Wix site to Shopify – one of the most renowned eCommerce platforms. The service really excels at web store creation and you won’t regret the decision.
When deciding to switch from Wix to Shopify, you should take into account multiple factors to make the transition effective, hassle-free and smooth. The major task is to transfer your website domain name, hosting and content without losing current search engine positions. Let’s find out what it takes to migrate from Wix to Shopify now.

DIY Switching or Hiring a Professional Service?

Switching from Wix to Shopify is quite real and you can successfully cope with the task on your own, if you are aware of the basic steps and special nuances associated with each platform. There are multiple services and programs, which offer automated website transfer. It goes without saying that such options seem more convenient at first sight as you don’t have to bother about the process and just wait for the result. As you start checking the result, however, you may notice lots of mistakes that may eventually put your website safety and functionality at risk.
Make Wix to Shopify Transfer
What’s more, website migration tools are frequently not cheap and it doesn’t make any sense to pay for the services that may not become helpful in the long run and may trigger problems that will do harm to your new project. Consequently, this is not the best way to switch your website from one platform to another. Something may not go the way you expect and it will be just the waste of your time and money.
Instead, it makes sense to entrust this task with professionals from Cart2Cart, who will do the job for you in the best way possible, transferring each element of your website content manually, considering all the nuances and your special requirements. If you still believe that you are able to cope with the process yourself, have a look at the ultimate guide on how to switch from Wix to Shopify quickly and effectively.

How to Switch from Wix to Shopify – The Ultimate Guide

  1. Register with Shopify first to find out what the platform has to offer and if you are ready to work with it.
  2. Import your Wix web store data to Shopify. You can use one of the tools mentioned above, but don’t expect to avail the best result then. It obviously takes more time to manually transfer all the data, but this is the only surefire way to make everything properly. With this purpose, access Wix dashboard and export your web store products into CSV files. Then get to the corresponding Shopify section and import them. Repeat the same procedure with the lists of customers.
  3. Check the way your products have been exported and whether they display properly in your Shopify store. Shopify allows for more detailed product descriptions. Take your time to fill out all the fields (product names, titles, characteristics, images, descriptions, meta descriptions) and update those that are missing. If needed, create product collections. It makes sense to select special inventory applications the system offers to track and check product availability and control the assortment available in stock. This is especially important, if you own a large online store.
  4. Customize your new Shopify website. As soon as you are done with product uploading and management, it’s high time to proceed to your web store customization. Shopify excels at high quality templates suitable for various eCommerce niches. Select the one that works best for your industry, install it and make use of multiple design customization tools to give a theme the required look.
  5. Transfer the Domain Name. If you already own a Wix-based website, this means that you have the domain name already. Not to worsen your website search engine ranking, you should properly transfer it to your new Shopify account. To transfer the domain name from Wix, login with the system, reach the “My Domains” page, select the relevant domain (if you have several of them), click the “Advanced” and then the “Transfer away from Wix” tabs and select the EPP code to send it to your email. Mind that according to ICANN rules, you won’t be able to transfer your domain from Wix, if it’s been less than 60 days since you’ve purchased it. The same is true for situations, when you change the domain registration info. If everything is ok, specify the Shopify domain transfer route. The migration process will be completed automatically within 7 days after you send the inquiry.
  6. Update the Settings. If you intend to sell physical products in your Shopify web store, you’ll have to adjust the required settings before. This mostly concerns payment, shipping and tax options. These settings can be adjusted in the Shopify dashboard. If you intend to sell digital products/services only, then you can disable the shipping feature here as well.
Are you done with all the steps? Then you are welcome to test your new Shopify website to check, whether all the elements are on their places and whether it functions well. If everything is ok, you may consider your Wix to Shopify migration a success and start growing your web-based business!

Bottom Line

When it comes to building a large full-featured online store with hundreds of products and multiple functions, Shopify will be a more preferable solution than Wix. That’s not because Wix is bad in terms of eCommerce options. That’s because Shopify is a specialized eCommerce software that was initially geared towards the development of large online hypermarkets.
The process of manual switching from Wix to Shopify takes time and effort, but it’s definitely worth that, if you hope to avail a decent result. There is some hassle associated with domain and content transfer as well as with settings adjustment. To simplify the task, mind the steps and hints mentioned in the guide listed above and be consistent about each stage. This is a surefire way to make your Wix to Shopify migration a success.

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