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Switching from Weebly to WordPress

how to switch from weebly to wordpress
Switching from Weebly to WordPress may be a good idea, if you have an intention to create and promote a full-featured website. The fact that WordPress is initially a blogging platform makes its application a reasonable solution for the development and further promotion of these projects.
WordPress comes with an advanced feature set, powerful integration options and perfect SEO tools, which have notable impact upon website development.
To get the WordPress website transferred from Weebly successfully, you’ll have to move your domain name and content. This procedure somewhat differs from switching websites between website builders. WordPress is a CMS and, thus, it takes more effort and time to complete the transfer process. Let’s review the major aspects of switching your Weebly website to WordPress now.
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Professional or DIY Website Migration: What Option to Go For?

Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced web designer, there are two major questions you may be concerned with. These include the way you should complete the process of website transfer – either independently or by means of hiring a third-party professional.

Professional Help

Hiring a professional seems to be a far more reasonable and safe solution. Web design professionals, who have ever worked with each of these services, are aware of their major distinctions and special features. Thus, they consider them, when moving a website from Weebly to WordPress. This helps avoid the potential problems that can spoil the entire success of your website migration experience. If you still face problems afterwards, you can get in touch with the developers, who will help you effectively solve them.

DIY Website Migration

The process of website migration involves deep understanding of the characteristics of each platform as well as certain web design background. If you feel that you are ready to cope with the task, you are welcome to do that by your own hands (100% manual) or by semi-automated services available on the web.
Anyway, it’s up to you to make the final choice, but why don’t you still try to switch from Weebly to WordPress on your own? Have a look at the detailed guide on how to simplify this process and make it quick yet effective.

How to Switch from Weebly to WordPress: Step by Step Manual

Phase #1: Content Transfer

To make content switch from Weebly to WordPress more flexible and understandable, the website builder has free online tool –, which will import your files from Weebly and convert them into WordPress compatible mode. At the same time, it doesn’t change the existing Weebly website, which makes the procedure safe and convenient for everyone.
  1. Head over to the importer website and specify your Weebly website URL in the corresponding field there. You’ll be asked to enter you real name, email and choose the preferred export format (the tool offers WXR format by default and it’s not recommended to change it unless you have other requirements).
  2. Decide, if you wish to include website pages into the export file. The default settings offer the “Yes” option. Leave it unchanged if you don’t plan to go without your Weebly website pages.
  3. WeeblytoWP
  4. Click the “Export My Weebly Website” button to initiate the import of files from Weebly to WordPress. Then you will see the button to start the download of Weebly export file. Click it with the right mouse button and choose “Save link as” option from the menu list. This is needed to download the export.xml file to your personal computer.
  5. Import Weebly Content to WordPress. Now that you have the export file downloaded to your computer, it is high time to import it to WordPress. Login to your account and reach the Tools » Import page. You’ll see the list of available importers for different platforms. Select WordPress and activate the “Install Now” link. This is how you will install the importer plugin on your WordPress website. Right after the installation is over, click the “Run Importer” button to initiate the process and get to the WordPress importer page.
  6. Click the “Choose File” button and select the downloaded export.xml file.
  7. Click the “Upload File and Import” button then. Wait until WordPress importer uploads the export file and analyzes it.
  8. Assign authors. If you wish, you can import/export authors from your Weebly website. It is also possible to create a new author or assign author rights to existing WordPress users.
  9. Import the images. To do that, click the box found next to “Download and Import File Attachments” and then the “Submit” button to launch the importer. WordPress will automatically import content from the export file to the database, including images linked to your Weebly website pages.
  10. If you do everything properly, you’ll see the success message. Go to the admin area to check, whether all your content is there. Don’t forget to check the media library files.
  11. Check your SEO settings. Go to your Weebly account, access the Domains page and click the domain you wish to edit. Then click the “Change” button found next to nameservers field and find the domain settings page there. Go to the next screen to enter your new WordPress host nameservers. Save the settings.
  12. Set up Permalinks. Reach the corresponding page in the settings section. Select “Custom Structure” option and then add /blog/%postname% in the attached field. Save the settings you’ve made.
  13. Access the Settings » Permalinks page and save the changes made.
  14. Make sure all your SEO settings, URLs and meta tags are filled out properly.

Phase #2: Domain Transfer

When it comes to WordPress, the CMS doesn’t offer integrated hosting. Instead, it allows selecting hosting from other providers. Take your time to review several hosting alternatives and their terms to choose the one that comes up to your needs most of all.
The fact that you have a website means that you already have the registered domain as well. Correspondingly, the first thing you should do is to move it to WordPress. Actually, domain migration rules may differ with regard to the hosting you will go for. The list of hosting companies is quite impressive and you’ll definitely have nice choice.

Bottom Line

Both Weebly and WordPress are worthy web creation platforms to use for personal or business projects. Each of them, however, differs in the web design approach and tools used to launch and manage websites. It doesn’t really matter what objectives and reasons you have to switch from Weebly to WordPress.
What matters most is the option you will choose for this purpose. While professional website transfer seems to be a time-saving and smart solution, it’s not quite cost-effective and reasonable in the long run. This is where it makes sense to find out how to manually move your Weebly website to WordPress. The guide listed above should help you solve the problem, reaching the expected result.

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