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Switching from Weebly to Wix

how to switch from weebly to wix
The reasons to switch from Weebly to Wix may differ a lot. The fact that you have decided to change the platform does not mean that Weebly is not worth the attention. It’s all about your current web design endeavours, goals and intentions.
After the acquisition of Weebly by Square in 2018, the website builder has gained a strong eCommerce focus. This has become one of the reasons for the system users to switch to other platforms.
Wix has become one of the most popular website migration destinations, especially for users, who are not interested in eCommerce website development, giving preference to standard web design features. And it’s no wonder as Wix is currently the most renowned and powerful website builder, which can be a great substitute to any web building service. The website builder provides a broad range of design customization tools, templates and website promotion options.
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If you have made up your mind to migrate from Weebly to Wix, there are multiple issues to consider. These include the domain name, hosting, content and SEO positions. It’s high time now to find out how complicated the process of switching to Wix may be and who can benefit from it.

Weebly to Wix Website Transfer: Professional or DIY?

When it comes to website migration, the very first question users think about is how to cope with it properly. Whether this is your first website transfer experience or you have done that already, you will still have doubts regarding the efficacy of the process just because you may be unsure about special nuances of each of these these systems.
Actually, there is nothing too complicated about the website migration process, if you are familiar with the must-have steps of it. But what about first-time users, who have never done that before? If you belong to this user category, you can choose one of two options: DIY website migration or hiring a professional.

Hiring the Professionals

Website transfer experts have the firsthand knowledge of all the nuances of each website builder that makes it possible to reach better results. They are also aware of all the steps the migration process involves, which cuts down the time of website transfer. What’s important, you will be able to stay in touch with these specialists. If there is anything that goes wrong or you face certain problems, you’ll just contact them to have these bugs handled in the best way possible.

DIY Website Transfer

Whatever decision you will eventually go for, it still makes sense to consider the possibility of DIY website transfer. Anyway, there are helpful guidelines on how to complete the process with minimum hassle. So, why not give it a try then? Here is a quick overview of Weebly to Wix switching procedure as well as the must-have steps you should take into consideration to prevent the potential problems.

How to Switch from Weebly to Wix – The Ultimate Guide

Phase 1. Content Transfer

Keep in mind that there is no automatic transfer in Weebly. So, get ready to export your files and upload them to Wix manually. These are the steps to be followed to make it a success:
  1. Go to your Weebly account and access the dashboard of your website. Click the “Edit Site” button and wait until it loads.
  2. Go to website settings and find the “Archive” section. Create ZIP archive of your website files and email it to the required address.
  3. Go to your email and download ZIP archive to your desktop. Save the file to further export it to your new Wix website.
  4. Weebly archive
  5. Reach Wix dashboard, open Wix Editor, replicate the general website layout and import the unpacked files and content there.
  6. Check the positions of your new website in the search engines as this is one of the major indicators of successful website switch. What you should do is to copy and check the URLs, set up 301 redirects for those URLs that cannot be transferred for some reason, copy and set up meta tags (titles and descriptions) for all pages as well as alt tags for all images.

Phase 2. Weebly to Wix Domain Transfer

To move your domain name from Weebly to Wix, you’ll have to unlock it first and get the EPP Code. Mind that you’ll be allowed to do that, if it’s already been 60 days since the domain registration date. You should also understand that the very fact of domain transfer doesn’t mean that you should also change the hosting provider. If your website is hosted with Weebly or any other hosting company, you can leave this unchanged.
  1. Access your Weebly account and disable the registrar lock. This will be the first step to transferring the domain name. Keep in mind that when you make this change, your WHOIS privacy protection won’t be valid as well.
  2. Reach the Domains Page and select the domain you’d like to transfer. You’ll be offered all the available options. Click the “Disable” link available under the Registrar Lock icon. Right after that you’ll see the EPP authorization code next to the link. If you suddenly change your mind, you can always reactivate the lock and hide the EPP code by simply activating the Enable link. Memorize your EPP code as you’ll have to specify it, when registering your domain with Wix.
  3. Sign up for Wix Combo or Unlimited Plan (cheaper plans don’t allow for domain move). Go to the control panel of the system and explore the instructions.
  4. Now, it is high time to enter the EPP code you’ve got from Weebly. As soon as you do that, click the “Submit” button.
  5. You’ll see the drop-down menu offering the detailed guidelines.
  6. Follow them to complete the rest of the process.
  7. Extend your domain name registration (the minimal time period is a year, not less).
  8. Provide your contact info, if you haven’t done that yet.
  9. Now, it is high time to select the privacy option that comes up to your needs most of all. Wix offers Private and Public registration. In case you select the latter solution, your domain name will be open in the WHOIS info records.
  10. Choose the payment option, which fits your budget most of all and make it a deal.
If you do everything properly, you’ll get the confirmation email link. Activate it and get ready to transfer your website content.

Bottom Line

Switching from Weebly to Wix may take some time only because you lack corresponding experience. With so many must-have aspects the process involves, the risk of overlooking them is quite high. Each of the platforms has its own nuances and parameters that just cannot be left underestimated and may have serious influence upon the result.
And one more thing: don’t deactivate your Weebly website until you make sure the migration process was correct and your new Wix-based website works well. To sum it all up, the process of switching from Weebly to Wix itself is not complicated. Just follow the steps mentioned above to make it a success.

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