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Switching from Squarespace to WordPress

The reasons to switch from Squarespace to WordPress may be numerous. You may have an intention to bring your website functionality to the higher level or set new objectives, realization of which may be a problem with your current Squarespace website.
You should realize that it will take time, effort and skills to migrate from Squarespace to WordPress CMS. Apart from the complex technical nuances, you have to make sure you forward the traffic properly to the new hosting with the old website domain. It’s also crucial to take care of the content, which should display well on a new platform.
The same is about preservation of the search engine ranking of your website as you don’t wish to lose website positions you have gained. If you are concerned with all these issues, have a look at the following guide to decide, if you are ready to get involved into the migration process.

Professional Website Transfer or Do-it-Yourself?

Moving from Squarespace to WordPress shouldn’t be difficult, if you are aware of all the nuances of the migration process and can complete the task on your own. But what if you don’t? There are two alternatives you may choose from in this case.
  • The first one implies the application of special migration programs or tools, which are intentionally designed with this idea in mind.
  • The second option is to use the services of a professional, who is competent in this niche and can handle all the problems on time.
Which solution will work best in the long run?
Squarespace to WordPress
Option 1. The prevailing amount of website migration apps are created to transfer websites from different services, without considering their special characteristics and parameters. Meanwhile, each website builder or CMS is unique and it’s crucial to be aware of the nuances of working with these systems.
As a result, automated website migration may trigger functional problems you’ll have to fix afterwards to retain your website performance. Apart from that, these tools are mostly paid, although, you cannot be sure on the successful return on investment.
Option 2. What’s the sense to waste your money and time, if you can hire a professional, who will cope with the same task in the best way possible? Experts from CMS2CMS will take care of each website element an each stage of the migration process, paying special attention to your requirements, inquiries and preferences. If something goes wrong, you can always contact that person to fix the problem. That’s definitely worth the attention.
In case you still feel that you have enough skills and knowledge to cope with the task on your own, the following guideline will provide you with the basics of the website migration process.

How to Switch from Squarespace to WordPress – The Ultimate Guide

The must-have steps of transferring your website from Squarespace to WordPress are mentioned below.
  1. What you should know is that Squarespace hosts its websites on its servers. As opposed to it, WordPress hosts the websites launched with the system with the hosting of your choice. So, the first thing you should take care of is selecting the trusted WordPress hosting provider and learn the terms it offers.
  2. If your Squarespace website comes with a registered domain name already, you’ll have to transfer it as well to the hosting provider chosen. The transfer rules will depend upon the host you will work with. Check them in details prior to working on your website migration.
  3. Install WordPress CMS on your hosting. The setup process is easy and quick. Newbies will appreciate the tutorial that describes the installation process in details. However, inexperienced users have to be careful about that. There are many nuances, underestimation of which may result in the problems in your further website functioning.
  4. Export Squarespace content, but mind that not all of it can be transferred automatically. The rest of the content will remain on your integrated Squarespace domain name and you’ll have to copy it manually.
    The content that can be exported includes the basic WordPress website pages, one blog page with all the posts it contains, gallery pages as well as image, text and embed blocks.
    The sections that will remain in your WordPress website include product, album and event pages; video, audio and product blocks; custom CSS and style changes; index pages and folders.
  5. Access the “Settings » Advanced » Import/ Export” Squarespace menu. Click the “Export” button to get started.
  6. You will further see the pop up WordPress logo window, the activation of which will launch the file export process. As the export process is completed, download the export file and store it on your computer.
  7. Import content. This is when you’ll have to import the downloaded files into your WordPress website. To do that, reach the WordPress admin panel and access the “Tools >> Import” page. You’ll be offered a list of services to choose from. Click WordPress to install the importer plugin.
    As soon as the download is completed, activate the plugin and run the importer link. The next step is uploading and importing files from the export file you’ve downloaded. In the import settings page, you will have to select the name for the available content. You can either select the existing admin user or create a new one.
  8. Import images. As far as WordPress doesn’t import images from your Squarespace website automatically, you’ll have to do that manually, if needed. Mind, though, that you’ll need to install the Import External Images plugin for WordPress first. After the plugin activation, reach the “Media >> Import Images” page to complete the task.
  9. Check and Customize Permalinks. To preserve your Squarespace website traffic, make sure your WordPress URL structure is correct. This shouldn’t be a problem as the platform is SEO-friendly and will let you customize the structure of your links as you need.
  10. Import the rest of the content. As mentioned above, not all Squarespace website content files are available to export. Check those that are left and transfer them manually to your WordPress website.
  11. Explore WordPress and start customizing your website. Don’t forget to check, whether you have transferred title and description meta tags for each page correctly once again.
We recommend keeping your existing Squarespace website active until you make sure the migration process is completed properly and your new WordPress website functions well. This is a surefire way to prevent the potential troubleshooting issues.

Bottom Line

As a Content Management System, WordPress provides greater functionality as compared to Squarespace. As soon as you are done with website migration process, take your time to make sure it functions properly and all the plugins are installed and set up correctly. Check out, if all the redirects to new web pages are enabled (if any) and test the website once again.
If you decide to give it a try and switch from Squarespace to WordPress, read the migration guide provided in the post. It offers helpful tips on how to prevent the potential problems and make the website transfer process smooth and hassle-free.

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