Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Strategic Website Optimization Techniques to Improve Your Website Ranking

If you are running a business and have online presence, you will understand the value of right SEO. Although it may sound cliché that Good SEO helps you expand your reach and drive in organic traffic, it is imperative to understand that not all SEO strategies can yield the desired results. Today, there are ample of SEO strategies being promoted, claiming to offer the best output but the truth is that one size does not fit all. What might work for apparel store may fail to work for a food outlet. Hence, understanding the business is the stepping stone to conceptualizing and implementing SEO that perfectly fits your business requirements.
IKF is the leading search engine optimization agency in Pune that has helped diverse businesses to grow and thrive. Armed with a team of highly experienced and talented SEO experts, we build the roadmap for your business success story through smart digital marketing techniques.
We believe the journey to reinforcing a brand and winning customer’s loyalty begins from understanding the business, its objectives and vision. Accordingly we design and channelize marketing techniques that ensure maximum ROI.
With sound background in digital marketing and SEO strategies, here we offer you some of ways which you can capitalize for your website success:
    • IKF is the top content marketing company in India
    • Selection of Keyword:

      keywords form an integral part of SEO strategy. It’s the keyword that helps you get good Google ranking and take you closer to your niche audience. There is immense competition over the important keywords.  An SEO expert uses different techniques including analyzing the keywords of your competitors to come up with a relevant content that resonates with the audience.
    • Keyword Analysis:

      This helps to find out what people are typing into search engines while looking for your line of products/services. Search volume – the total number of queries entered into the search engine for a particular keyword can be very helpful in identifying what people are most likely to search for. However, here it must be pointed out that these numbers are estimates and hence cannot be relied solely for accurate data.  Hence, as experts of digital marketing in Pune we recommend using keyword analysis in combination with other metrics to get the complete picture.
    • Content Quality:

      We all know that generating regular content is important not only for updating your website but also for frequent indexing.  However, this should not be confused with higher indexing. Frequent indexing implies that the more you update your website regularly, more frequently search engine will stop to visit your site. But, you get to enjoy higher page ranking only when your website provides quality content that the users find relevant. Just blasting your page with low-quality content stuffed with keywords will do you no good and in fact you may have to pay for it.
  • Link Building:

    Building back links is the primary off-page SEO strategy.This is important as Search engines use backlinks as indications of the linked-to content's quality, hence, a website with many high value backlinks is likely to rank better than an otherwise equal site with fewer backlinks. Expand you social network and share your links with them in exchange for their links. Invite bloggers to write on your blog and if possible get a key influencer who can boost your website views and its ranking organically.
  • Mobile phone Optimization:

    According to Google, more searches are now being performed on mobile than on desktop. Hence, its critical for website success that you optimize your website content for mobile users to ensure the viewers has an outstanding experience. Make your content scrollable instead of compelling people to click through pages, optimize videos that are compatible with smart devices, use responsive templates etc. If your content is not user-friendly for browsers on tabs and phones, your search engine ranking will have adverse impacts.
  • Use Shorter URLs:

    Earlier shorter and more descriptive URLs were considered good for optimum results. But, it is no more relevant. The changed Google algorithm now prefers shorter URLs. Anything that goes beyond 5 words is unlikely to have Good ranking. Also make use of primary keywords for your URL as it may boost your online visibility.
Armed with correct information and right SEO partners you no longer have to worry about falling behind due to an ineffective SEO strategy. Tie up with IKF , the top seo company in pune to enjoy the benefits of highly level of professionalism and growth-oriented approach. Our experts will leave no stone unturned to ensure your website graces the front pages of the internet!

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