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Starting a Web Design Agency

starting a web design agency

Individuals and companies have to face various obstacles on the way to recognition in the field of web design. With so many custom teams and well-established brands, new startups and freelancers have to fight their way to the top. A few really succeed while more and more specialists realize the true value of opting for ready-made web building solutions.
The web design industry comes with some loopholes that appear to be the main stumbling blocks on the way to success, White Label services powered by SaaS website building tools make it easier for companies and individuals to reach their target audience with enough resources and background to become either a white label reseller or a partner. This time we will review some of the top website builders offering white label options that might help you start your web design business.

1. Bookmark

Bookmark Web Design Agency
Bookmark is and advanced AI-based white label website builder that uses innovative technologies to launch a successful web design business. Its Agency Program is good for both firms and individuals craving for new revenue sources. You can create professional sites for customers in less than 3 minutes with up to 750 business categories to choose from.
Bookmark Web Design Agency Dashboard
The platform lets users create a full-scale web design agency with a single dashboard to track all customers in one place. Each of your clients will get individual access to his or her account with unique login and password to make necessary changes and updates on their own. At the same time, you will be able to access their accounts remotely from the dashboard.
Both agencies and individuals will appreciate flexible billing system featuring a self-integrated merchant processor powered by Stripe. The system will notify you on every purchase completed or declined. As a web design agency or individual, you can choose whether to pay a flat fee and handle the payment process yourself. In this case, the fees may range depending on the amount of customers and plans.
Bookmark Payment Method
For instance, a Pro plan charges from $7 to $10 per customer while in Business plan comes with rates varying from $17 to $20. Or you can leave billing to Bookmark earning 60% from each purchase despite the amount of clients and rates. Becoming an agent will ost you from $99.95 per year. If you need to check how the system works, a 14-day free trial is just what you need.

2. Ucraft

Ucraft White Label
Ucraft is a powerful website building tool with its award-winning White Label solution. It is good for web design agencies and individuals who want to build websites for their customers with ease. The solution is good for enterprises and freelancers. It comes with an up-to-date website builder, built-in billing instruments, and more.
The platform’s white label website builder is a good solution for establishing self-branded sites with no custom adds. You may establish a solid online presence with your unique website that is easy to market and promote. Simply place your own logo and brand name to increase the company’s recognition and start interacting with your customers.
Ucraft Logo Maker
Ucraft delivers enough means to engage with your clients. You are free to create your own pricing plans as well as receive orders directly from your customers. They will get individual login and password to make all necessary changes on their new websites. This is where you might think of some custom billing tools. Fortunately, Ucraft white label solution does not require third-party payment system integrations. The platform will process all purchases for you.
Ucraft Editor
Once all the communication and interaction means have been fine-tuned, you may start building websites for your customers. Ucraft boasts an easy-to-use website builder that does not require huge technical background. Anyone can launch his or her web design firm with ah an intuitive drag-and-drop system in addition to free hosting delivered by Google Cloud with no need to deal with complicated CMS platforms like WordPress. You are free to use templates of your own as well as self-crafted Ucraft professional layouts available upon request depending on the plan.
The plan for individuals and web design agencies starts from $479 per month, which is far from being cost-effective. You might need some less expensive solutions in case of a limited budget.

3. IM Creator

IM Creator White Label
IM Creator is among White Label pioneers offering great solutions for resellers, individuals, web design agencies and hosting providers. Users may choose from several plans designed to meet different needs. The system is powered by advanced technologies letting you establish, grow and market your brand online.
Getting started with IM Creator is very simple. The system has its own custom setup wizard letting you get involved in the White Label solution easy. It takes about a couple of minutes to launch your fully-branded web design agency website.
You can start building your fully-branded business from scratch or opt for IM Creator rebranding capabilities. It means that you are free to use your own domain or brand name without custom ads and labels. There is no need to integrate third-party platforms as well.
IM Creator White Label Dashboard
The system does not limit you on the amount of sites to build. Each plan includes unlimited licenses, which means you can create as many websites for your customers as you need at no extra fees or additional costs. Moreover, your clients will get unlimited storage space letting you stand out from the rest of competitors. The platform has a built-in tracking system with detailed reports depicting conversion rate and other crucial KPIs. However, it is not available in all plans. So, you need to choose the one that delivers enough features for your particular business need.
As for the packages, the entry price is $350 per year for a Standard White Label plan. It comes with unlimited licenses and good for freelancers and small companies. Host It Yourself plan comes with an extended list of features for $2,500 per year. It is best for growing web design agencies and hosting companies. Each plan includes 24/7 support.
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Key Advantages of Using White Label in a Web Design Business

White Label services boost productivity. Apart from that, you do not need to hire custom web designers to complete some of the tasks. This fact makes third-party collaboration more cost-effective. Here are some other reasons to use white label platforms:
  • Become Visible to Customers – White Label services let you increase visibility and recognition among competitors. At the same time, you can focus on several running projects at the same time and never miss the deadline, which is vital for your customers.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty – you may deliver branded services. It will certainly improve your credibility and trustworthiness. A brand name associated with your company will strengthen customers’ loyalty.
  • Professional Assistance – this advantage works great for beginners. Web designers with little experience may always count on professional assistance from more experienced experts within the white label package. Your customers will get a flawless product with your brand name on it.
  • Cost-Effective Solution – this feature refers to both individuals who want to put an ease on the wallet as well as web design agencies with limited budgets. Launching an agency on your own from scratch might appear to be even more expensive than opting for white label.
  • Troubleshooting – you will have to deal with customer’s complaints from time to time. It is 100% natural for any business niche. With a white label, you get a professional assistant to resolve different problems. Some platforms offer additional features like money back guarantees, project revisions, free stereotyping, etc.
The feature may differ from platform to platform. For this reason, you need to be very attentive when choosing a white label provider. Web designing is all about flawless quality and up-to-date features. So, you need to consider some crucial factors before choosing the platform for your agency.

Things to Consider When Choosing White Label Business Partners

Choosing a proper white labile partner will define your agency reputation on the web. Always keep in mind that it is not you who look for help but it is White Label partner to represent you. So, make sure to keep an eye on the following:
  • Good Fit – take into account your future goals. Are you a web design team or a freelancer looking for an extension? Some platforms offer special features for beginners or students while others are more focused on already existing agencies. Pick the one that would serve your particular purposes.
  • Online Reputation – a stellar reputation on the web always matters. Collaborating with unknown companies is nothing but a waste of time. Choose trusted partners that are visible on the web. Otherwise, there is no sense in working with them.
  • Transparency – buying a pig in a poke is hardly a good idea. Make sure a platform has a demo version of a free trial. Keep an eye on terms of contract and pricing. All sections must be clear and easy to understand.

The Bottom Line

Entering the niche of web design business requires good technical background, creativity and innovative approach. hisis the only way to meet customers’ requirements when it comes to building websites for them. The lack of fundamental resources might be a tough challenge unless you opt for in-house partners in the face of white label website building platforms.
BookmarkBookmark is an advanced AI website builder. It is good for those who only plan to launch their web design agency. Affordable prices and a set of baseline features will let you go online in just a few minutes and start creating functional websites for your

UcraftUcraft White Label solution is a bit more flexible platform with enough tools to create, brand and market your business online. Despite the feature-rich plan, the price is a bit too high especially for freelancers who may find it difficult to afford to pay those annual

XPRSIM Creator looks like the most flexible solution with various plans to meet individuals and companies’ requirements. Its white label solution comes with unlimited licenses, users’ dashboard and tracking system to monitor

The main idea of using third-party resources is to gradually build mutual relations with both service and customers, as you can never be sure about your final ROI. Having an in-house partner may prevent your future business from unexpected crashes. For this reason, you need to be 100% sure the platform you choose fits your needs.


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