Saturday, 23 November 2019

Starting A Podcast- Here Are Some Dos And Donts

Podcasts are a big thing. They are paving their way in every website and now almost all famous blogs that you read will have a podcast. In this fast-paced world, one does not have the time to read or sit and watch what you are about to say, it’s easy to just listen to something while doing your own thing. Let’s face it, there are tons of blogs and YouTube videos out there. Conveying your message while people are completing their other task makes it extremely popular amongst the masses. People can hear a podcast on their way to market, work or just dropping off a family member to their destination. It makes it that easy to convey your message. It is not just talking about a certain topic or a service but to keep the audience engaged with only words and convey your message across without making them tune off with boredom. Know few simple rules to start your own podcast.
Do- have an interesting introduction. That is what grasps the attention. And that is what will make them stick through.
Don’t – avoid giving out the complete list of what you are going to say in the entire session.
Do- have a definite goal and understand your audience.
Don’t- Avoid picking random topics
Do- have a plan on how complete time will be divided. Keep time slot for each section.
Don’t- keep going on one single topic and eat up all other content
Do- have a day set for the broadcasting of the podcast
Don’t- randomly have published it on any day of the week.
Do- write the script and know the script that you are going to talk about
Don’t- go on air without practicing the script
Do- add music that goes with the script and the show.
Don’t- add something that is loud or extremely upbeat. A very soothing and calming music is a big no no.
Let go of the hesitation and follow these basic rules and start your own podcast today.

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