Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Start Your Own Business With Zero Initial Investment

"Yes, you are reading it correct, you can start your business with zero investment."

If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level, Become a Channel Partner.
We can define business as economic system where goods and services are exchanged for money.

Every business needs some kind of investment, operating model and client base in order to start and sell the products to generate revenue.

Initial investment could be a challenge everytime to start a business. One need their own money or an investor who can provide funding to start. Even if you have enough resources to start with, task is to get best ROI. 

Here we came up with an outstanding option by launching Channel Partner Program where you need no initial investment and it will serve you a number of benefits.

                                           Understand the Concept of Channel Partner                                             
Basically Channel Partner Program is process wherein a company works in partneship with other company. This program is run by the company who is willing to sell their products through channel partners.

Channel Partner is referred to as a person who sells the products or services to his own customers on behalf of parent company.

For example: is running a channle partner program. The channel partner will start selling the services of with his own efforts and to his existing or new customers. This selling will be in the name of

As per the agreement, if the Channel partner completes the agreed target then he will be shared a specific profit every month.
                                                Advantages of Channel Partner Program                                                
  • Less Responsibility of Managing things to the core.
  • Additional Source of Income.
  • Mobilized And Flexible
  • A lucrative career as Business Partner for any intern or Potential candidates.
  • You can be a part without much experience.
  • Opportunity to Get connect with brand to get more visibility.
  • It provides an opportunity to manage the business without any interference of others.
  • No liability for any losses incurred to company.
  • An Experience as an individual to understand market position,competition and other strategies.

                                                         What is this Program All About?                                                      
This program is all about shaking hands with and earn profit without any fear of risking your money.

Sarv gives you a chance where you can be an official partner with with zero investment to earn good commissions as per their commision structure. There will be no requirement to desposit fund to start with the program. All you need is understand our product, work hard and sell among your customers.

You will be offered all sort of help required from while setting up the system. All you need is to show your sales tricks. 
                                        Benefits of Being Channel Partner with                                      
Multiple Products: Sarv is including all its core products which are Email marketing as well as cloud telephony services. All these are operative from one single platform. This reduces unneccessary hassle for you and your clients to manage multiple credentials and altogether removes the need to coordinate with multiple vendors for multiple services.

So, instead of purchasing email marketing from "X vendor" and IVR service from "Y vendor", buy both from

Best and unique features: As per advancement in technologies and industry requirements is continuously working to be one step ahead by introducing additional and unique features in Email Marketing as well as Cloud telephony. This advancement helps streamline the work in more systematic manner.

Some of these features include automation & segmentation, attractive interface, advanced IVR Design, easy reporting and monitoring etc.

Higher commission percentage & competitive packages: After a complete market research Sarv has defined the best possible services with customized plans & pricing. Along with it the commission structures for partners is without any monthly dedicated targets. Also we are offering same commissions on renewals as well. Simply the more you sell, the more you get.

We will generate leads for channel partner: Basic idea is to catch opportunity to match interested customers with best in class partners for services and thus create a marketplace that works well for both parties. There is extra benefit where we will provide qualified leads in order to provide you extra benefit of the program for lower territorial competition.

Exclusivity: One extra benefit on Exclusivity is that we make sure that our channel partner face the lowest territorial competition. This helps channel partner to work peacefully without any tension to traffic division which usually happens when there are more than 1 channel partner in one territory.

Special plans for partners: Special plans for each services as an extra benefit where channel partner will get the best prices for each service. We also serve the product knowledge so channel partner can follow the best sales practice. For one service there are multiple plan structures to match the maximum requirements of end-customers. Offering customiszation in plans helps enhance the overall sales.

Strong Support system: In order to deliver better customer experience, we will be assigning you a dedicated sales and technical account manager. We make sure to help at pre-sales and post-sales times. So, any concern or query can be resolved in minimum possible time. A proper escalation matrix is maintained and followed to resolve the concern quickly.
Channel Partner program is a huge opportunity for those who are dedicated to sales profile and have expertise in selling the service/product. All they need is to make the agreement and start selling without any initial deposits. And if you are good in sales, you will collect your commissions each month in a ascending manner. 

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