Thursday, 7 November 2019

Social Media Trends You Should Know For 2019

The start of a new year leads business owners and marketers to think about what they can do to increase their revenue. We hope that efficiently leveraging social media channels is somewhere near the top of their priority list.
Social media can no longer be on the back burner or a supplemental marketing channel. Social media channels can help organization regularly and consistently illustrate its value and reinforce its voice. Neglecting the significance of having a social media presence is no longer an option. We are a social media marketing company in Pune that understands what a business needs and have the right insights required to create the right social media execution plan for a business.
If you are a brand that already has a social media presence, it’s the right time to review your social media marketing plan to find out what works and what can be changed. Take a closer look at past campaigns, social posts, best channels, and analytic. This in-depth study can help you prepare for the year ahead. Since the social media landscape is transforming at a fast pace, here are some trends to keep on eye on for 2019.
Personal Branding Over Business Branding
Today, a brand that’s more relatable garners more trust and thereby gains customers. The fastest way to build loyalty towards a brand is to put a human face to the brand’s name. One way to humanise a brand is to promote the personal brand of the business owner and high-level leaders. To promote an owners brand utilise platforms like guest blogging, podcasts, webinar appearances, and other public opportunities. These platforms will help the audience emotionally connect with the company leadership and strengthen the brand reputation.
Video’s Are Still Popular Amongst Audiences
97% of marketers say that video has helped enhance user understanding of their product or service, and 76% intimated that it has helped boost web traffic and sales, according to Wyzowl. That isn’t such a baffling number when you consider the fact that 95% of people have watched explainer videos to discover more about a product or service, and 81% have purchased a product or service as a consequence of viewing a brand’s video.
Likewise, live-streaming will maintain its rise as a persuasive way to engage people on social media. According to Go-Globe, two-thirds of all internet traffic in 2017 was streaming video. By 2020, 82% of internet traffic is presumed to be video content.
The prominence of video marketing is also closely tied to the first point – personal branding. A video allows the audience to put a face to the company.  It permits business prospects and customers to discern who leads and works in a business. Video gives businesses an opening to show not only what they do but also “who” they are.
Expedition Of Personalised Marketing
More and more organisations are delving into their data and utilising it to build customised marketing campaigns which target individuals’ interests at separate points in the buyer’s journey.
Therefore, customers have begun to assume brands to tailor exclusive offers and discounts to their wants and needs. To meet these expectations, social media marketing companies have already started targeted advertising and retargeting campaigns on social media channels.
The Case Of The Disappearing Stories
This turn to more personal ways of engaging on social media is visible in the kind of content being shared. Rather than posting on their news feeds, users are frequently sharing Stories with their social network.
In opposition to regular updates, these temporary slideshows usually disappear after a day, and they’re growing 15 times faster than feed-based sharing, with more than a billion users of Stories across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, has noted that Stories stand to transcend feeds as the principal way people share things with their friends within the next year.
Following trends doesn’t guarantee success. If a trend goes against your brand and business efforts, then don’t force it into your marketing strategy. If this feels like too much of a hassle, employing one of the top social media marketing companies in India can take the guesswork out of your hands.


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