Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Social Media Taboos That You Should Break Now

Social media is a powerful tool and there's no fact denying it. With an increased need to get in touch with people or more specifically talking about customers for a business, social media has started being used as the easiest yet influential tools in the market.

It has become the need of the hour for every business. Market analysis also suggests that most of the successful businesses are using planned social media marketing campaigns as the frontrunners for their organization.

I personally recommend companies, especially small and medium enterprises to set a well planned and strategic foot on the social upfront to reach out to their audience.

As social media marketing isn't that expensive, every business must design social media policy to express themselves on the social media platforms.

Out of the many qualities that social media has, one of the most fundamental purposes of which businesses use it, is to establish their online presence.

Because most of the people these days are using social media, there cannot be the fastest way to make them know about your brand. The more people come to know about your brand, the more chances you will have to get your products sold in the market.

But in spite of the boons that social media has to offer businesses, there are more than enough taboos going around. We help you know the truth behind them and understand what not to post on the social media.

Here are a few social media taboos that you should break now:

1. Nagging Your Competition on Social Media

It might seem like a good way to market your brand and products by comparing yourself to your competitors on the social upfront. Much to the surprise, this tactic of yours is impacting your business in a negative way.

The first and foremost rule of standing out in the market is to not compare yourself with your competitors and post it on social media. You must know how your competitors are performing in the market so that you can frame your own strategies in a better way, but do not post of any such instances on social media.

People do not want to hear you talking about the downsides of other brands, instead, they want to know what are you doing for them in the market and how it will benefit them.

So, break the taboo of smacking your competition on the social media as it will only make you look worse.

2. Complicated Customer Issues

Social media is one of the best platforms to resolve customer issues and post about it. But it is also crucial to remember that not every issue that you resolve for your customer can be posted.

Most of the marketers consider this an opportunity to post all the customer issues that they have resolved even if they are way too typical. No doubt some portion of it helps, but if you post many of the complex customer issues on social media sites, not everyone following your brand will be able to relate to these complex issues.

Try to post only those customer problems that are common or in a general way, frequently asked.  Other than, that posting everything will just fill the customer’s feeds with information that would not prove to be not relevant to them.

So don’t clog everyone else’s feeds with invaluable information. A way to get through this is to personally reply to the customer who has a specific problem related to your business.

3. Incorrect Information

One of the biggest taboos to break right now is posting misinformed updates or incorrect information on your posts. It is essential to remember that your followers see your updates as you keep on posting them. Even though many people don’t read your each and every post, there is a large audience that must be involved and monitoring your regular updates.

In such cases, if you are posting incorrect information about your product, brand, insights, or other relevant numbers, then it is the biggest mistake that you would be making. It’s not just makes your organization appear confused and clumsy, but also imparts a lack of preparation in the eyes of your customer.

4. Posting Your Personal Opinion

Having a social media account may give you rights to post your content, but that doesn’t mean you will start considering it your personal diary. Always remember that you are posting as a company and representing your brand with your posts on the social media.

So try not to post any personal remarks or comments about anything that turns out to be a political debate, religious opinions or some kind of controversy. This practice will make sure that your brand name isn’t unnecessarily dragged into unwanted mentions on social media websites.

Also posting unnecessary rants and unwanted pieces of poetry will make you more and more irrelevant to your audience.

5. Confidential Information

Just because it is your brand’s social media account, it is not necessary that you ill start posting information and is both critical and confidential to your business. Posting any company crucial information might not upset your buyers, but will definitely give what your other competitors are looking for.

Again, if you are posting pictures of your staff and customers and tagging them without their permissions, it can create a bad impression of your virtue on social media. Remember that your competitors are also your audience, at least on the social media platforms. So remain wary of this fact and choose to post wisely.

Every time you have to think before pressing the enter key means that the content is ambiguous with respect to your company’s purpose on the social media. Also, try not to post any confidential customer information that might upset your customers.

These social media taboos are a must to be broken for businesses. These days when social media marketing has become an indispensable part of businesses, it is necessary to not forget the mannerisms and virtue around it.

It has been correctly said that social media is more about sociology and psychology than it is about technology. Therefore, it becomes essential for businesses to understand their purpose effectively before they start posting on social media platforms.


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