Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Social Media Myths Debunked.

Social Media has become an exquisite part of our lives. It consumes a lot of precious time from each and every person. Businesses are flourishing with the help of social media. Anything that goes successful on social media is going to hit hard on the minds of people. Social Media Marketing has boosted markets. People think it is easy and at one click things get started. But it’s not so, social media marketing needs a lot of research and hard work. There are many such myths which are stupid and people need to get aware about how things really work. Here are the myths you need to start burying.
  • Social Media Marketing is Free – Yes, it is, till very less extent. But If you want good results and actual Sales, revenue, etc. then you have to pay. In fact, only paid ads and campaigns reach a good amount of people and bring you good results.
  • More Likes and Followers means success – No! Just because someone likes your page doesn’t mean he will buy your product. So don’t hog to get more likes and followers only. Focus on actual sales.
  • Social Media is not measurable – By this I mean the benefits are immeasurable. Obviously it is. You get reports for every activity you conduct. You get the total analysis and insights for every post and ad.
  • Avoiding Negative reviews and feedback is okay – There is a reason why you get negative comments. Not all are stupid. You need to know where you lack, what are your drawbacks, so that you focus on them and improve well. Social Media is a platform where u get direct feedback, so don’t ignore them.
  • Social Media is only for young people – NO! Today everybody is socially active. In fact, it is more fascinating for aunties and uncles to surf through social media. Not only them but everybody spends enough time of social media. 40% of Facebook’s active users are over age 35. 52% of 55-64-year-old internet users have joined a social network. 93% of U.S. adult internet users are on Facebook.
  • Every Social Media Platform is important – Again a No! Not all social media platforms are used actively. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn are used more. These should be focused; it is not necessary that you be present everywhere.
All the Above mentioned myths are now cleared. So next time you go for Social Media Marketing make sure you know what is right and what is not. Do research before you start with anything, use the tools effectively to get decent results.

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