Saturday, 23 November 2019

Social Media Is More Good Than Bad

Social media has taken the world by storm. There are more people going social each day.
The social media platforms are used increasingly by everyone in today’s world. There is not a single day when one does not go on their social media profiles and gets updates.
All that one hears about social media is how unhealthy it is for us. Social media and its usage is infamous and has gained a lot of negative reputation for itself. Social media is no more just a fad, it has become a lot more and there are people who make money through it too.
• Social media has given power to the individuals to give their opinions openly.
• It has made the world come closer. Social media helps one keep in touch with their family and friends and maintain relations.
• It has become a helping hand for people in need. It helps gain aid for people in need by the influential.
• It keeps you updated with information and helps one be up to date with the news all around the world.
• It helps one build and maintain a community for the causes they promote or feel deeply about.
• Social media is quite infamous for creating unrealistic expectations, but if the same is used in a positive manner it can help build a person.
• Instead of focussing on the negative one can focus on the positive information and uplift themselves.
With all the negative connotations one has towards social media, it helps spread positivity for themselves and helps gain business and increase their brand name through social media. If used in the right way social media is a boon. And as they say, too much of anything is bad, it applies to most of the aspects of life including social media.

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