Monday, 11 November 2019

Social Media Case Study #FoodsThatLoveYou on Twitter

What’s Missisippy?
‘Foods that love you’ sums up Missisippy’s mission. For the last two years Missisippy has been busy in the kitchen coming up with recipes that are full of flavor and fiber. Fiber is the body of food – carrying nutrition into the body & eliminating toxins. For long, healthy food has severely lacked taste but this is what Missisippy promises to change – instead creating foods that are good for you and your taste buds!
On Twitter
Missisippy is a persona, not a brand. A very intelligent woman who loves to socialize, travel, and stay healthy / fit. She works out daily and is a very dedicated mom, always concerned about her family’s well being.
#FoodsThatLoveYou on Valentines Day
Our idea was simple and in line with Missisippy’s mission – “Foods That Love You”. We wanted to connect love & food via pictures. In doing so, we wanted to gratify our friends on social media for sharing their love chemistry with food. We launched #FoodsThatLoveYou contest on Facebook & Twitter 2 days prior to Valentines, 14th Feb.
We received more than 60 pictures of Food That People Loved. Apart from these pictures, we also encouraged our friends to tag / mention their friends and express their liking. Here are some of the entries:
We also made it a point to send personalized handwritten notes and gift hampers to winners of our contests.  Winning participants gladly returned favor by tweeting about the gifts they received.
Key Takeaways
1. Keep contests simple and easy to understand.
2. Include gratification to improve participation
3. Create a personal relationship with friends on Social media. Wherever possible, connect offline with your community (personalized handwritten notes)
4. Social media is very visual. Involve elements of crowd-sourcing images.


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