Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Smart ways to increase reviews for your app

What do you do when you find yourself subjected to a sea of options? You naturally look for reviews. Recommendations from people who have been to a place or bought a product or used an app. Naturally, if you are a business with an app you know how indispensable it is to get your users to drop in a good review.
Genuine and favorable reviews serve as hefty shoves - they will snag you top spots on the app store and increase downloads. As a mobile application development company in Pune that has collaborated with a host of local and national businesses to translate their unique concepts into sophisticated and robust mobile experiences, we can't emphasize enough on this.
What we also know by virtue of experience is that getting reviews from your users isn't exactly easy-peasy. Your app users won't just hop over to the app store and enthuse volubly about it. But on the contrary, if an app doesn't live up to their expectations, they will storm into the app store and won't stop tapping till they've had got the last word of disappointment or bitterness out of their system. That's how it is. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here are some smart and non-irritating ways of increasing app reviews -

#1: Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

That's how the world works. You need to give your users something of value that will make them want to return the favor. Say, you are a word scrabbles game that gives bonus points on completing levels; wouldn't it be generous if you doubled the rewards or just threw in a few surprise points or in-game currency in return of a review? Yes, it sure will be. After all, no one can resist the allure of a free gift.

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#2: Keep it simple

If your app is genuinely good, people will want to share their feedback and in that case, you should make sure that they find it easily without having to search for it in your app. Keep the button somewhere in a place that would be easily noticed by people whilst ensuring that it doesn’t scream for attention.
Like, say, on the footer or main menu. If you integrate it smartly and in a non-invasive way into your app's interface, you will have opened for yourself a nice, wide window that will allow for satisfied guests of reviews.
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mobile application development Pune, mobile application development company in Pune

#3: A plugin for a little push

Like gravity and madness, review-generation also requires a little push. The said push can be delivered in the form of a simple plugin. Your users can rate you within your app or can be taken to the app store where they can further write their review.
There are a number of plugins available that which you can integrate within your app in just a few minutes and make the process real quick and easy. But here's what you need to keep in mind - keep the settings such that your users won't be bothered by a rate/review request the moment they are on the app. Allow them the time to become familiar with your app and most importantly, form an opinion about it - asking immediately for a review will not gain you one but might just incur your user's wrath. So hold your horses.

#4: Respond. Respond. Respond

It's an amazing, ethereal, and out-of-the-world feeling when someone leaves you a shining review. We dig it. But if you are one of those that don't appreciate your user's time and effort of writing you a review, you aren't just signaling a 'could-not-care-less' attitude but are also dissuading others from reviewing you.
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There are also those who reply enthusiastically to positive reviews but fail to address those pointing out errors or talking about a bad experience a.ka. negative reviews. We know handling a negative review can be difficult; sometimes the user fails to get the drift while at other, times your app is acting up or a nasty bug that prevents effortless functioning - whatever the cause of the negative review, it behooves you to give your reviewer an answer, to solve their problem. Doing so with humility and with the genuine intent to help will win you brownie points, without a doubt. It will also go on to show how passionate you are about your business and encourage others to review!
And that’s that. If you are looking for a mobile application development company in Pune boasting a talented pool of app designers and developers centered around crafting user-focused digital experiences, we are sure to be your perfect fit! Please feel free to call us +91 88888 66110 or email us at and we'll be more than happy to help.

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