Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free!

As a premier mobile application development company in Pune, it's always a great feeling when entrepreneurs with mind-boggling and life-enhancing concepts reach out to us to materialize them. Our app design and development team is forever psyched to work on challenging and innovative mobile apps.
We know the efforts, countless hours, testing, sweat, and patience it takes to bring one app to life. Which is why when our clients fail to market their apps the right way and all that hard work begins to feel like it was nothing but a waste of time, we feel disheartened, too.
We won't be painting any more grim scenarios and get straight to the point where things become helpful to your app promotion. But before we do that - here's something we reckon doing first would be super useful. Might it not be prudent to ask your customers about what they'd like to see in an app?
After all, they are the ones for who you are investing your blood, sweat, and money!  That's what you should do before you even hire a mobile app development company. Send them an email, request them to spare a few minutes and answer your questionnaire. Sweeten the deal for them - maybe offer some discount, provide a free e-book or whatever level of generosity you think can sit realistically within your scheme of things.

Let's get started now -

#1: Focus on your mobile-responsive website

Your mobile-responsive website will be your springboard that will help you get the app in front of your visitors. Keep a page dedicated to your app - explain briefly what it does, how it works, why users should download it, and of course, the call-to-action button. You could also go for a pop up which, in a non-invasive way talks about your app and keeps the option of download in a noticeable place.
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#2: Talk about your mobile app on your blog

Your blog is another way of promoting your app for free, well provided that you are consistent in your blogging efforts. Delineate your app in detail, show videos and screenshots, and write about the reasons that inspired you to create it in the first place. There's no saying that you need to include the download button.
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mobile application development pune, mobile application development company in pune

#3: Explainer videos

What you did in the textual format you recreate it in an audio-visual format as videos are powerful. Make sure your video doesn't dawdle or plays for more than 40 seconds. You may want to take the users through the app, step-by-step but doing so can lengthen the video so why not develop a video series? This way you'll have enough content to promote on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

#4: Reach out influencers and tech blogs

Well, of course, you keep seeing paid partnerships all the time but do they seem genuine or even remotely inspire people to take the desired action? We aren't saying that any influencer will collaborate with you for free at the end of the day, it’s a commercial relationship.
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But before you approach an influencer to ask yourself whether their involvement will make any difference. Simply reaching out to an influencer with a following will do you no good if their interest and passions don't align with yours. People are smart to know when they are being played.
As for the tech blogs, keep your pitch ready. There's nothing more gratifying and encouraging than having experts writing about your app. So, find out who all you want to reach out to and start shooting that pitch already!

#5: Seek help from the PR gods

Influencer marketing isn’t new but if you are a brand that has not yet done it, now is the time for you to give it a whack. Influencers are people who have a massive fan following and clout on the industry they work in. Connecting with them bodes well for your brand. Partnering with them and fostering good relationships with influencers is crucial to building credibility and awareness about your brand.
Another way of going about this collaborative approach, which is gaining ground is inviting influencers to create content on your social platforms instead of theirs. A good example of this is Calpak, a US-based travel luggage and accessories bag. Their Instagram handle is often taken over by popular influencers who share tips on organizing the contents in the bags, travel essentials to carry, etc.
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#6: Commenting

This might not be a very obvious way of promoting your mobile app but with a little smartness and subtlety, you will be able to do it. Find blogs that fall under the purview of your app. Follow by genuinely offering your opinion and then carefully sew it around your app. Don't forget to share the link.
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So, that’s about it. If you are looking for a mobile application development company in Pune boasting a talented pool of app designers and developers centered around crafting user-focused digital experiences, we are sure to be your perfect fit! Please feel free to call us +91 88888 66110 or email us at and we'll be more than happy to help.

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