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SEO For YouTube

YouTube SEO
YouTube is the most popular search engine in the world after Google. YouTube which was started as a video sharing platform has grown into a mega video search engine with tons of educational as well as entertaining videos on it.
One can find everything on YouTube starting with cooking videos to music videos to news and interviews. In 2019 YouTube also launched its new services called YouTube Premium, YouTube Music and YouTube Originals.
All of these are now projecting this video sharing website into a large entertainment giant which will give tough competition to Amazon’s Prime Video and Netflix.
As a digital marketing company in Pune, we have been observing the growth of YouTube and crafting plans about how this website can benefit the business of our clients.
We have done a detailed study on making YouTube videos for business and how to use YouTube to gain leads. In this blog, we will be discussing how to do SEO for YouTube and how it will benefit your business.
  • Keyword Research
The first step when working on SEO in any format whether its blogs or social media posts or YouTube videos is to do your keyword research.
Keyword research can be done on the Google Ads account or any other SEO tool you may be using. Another way to go about keyword research is to start typing your keyword into the Google search bar or the YouTube search bar.
The search engine will start prompting sentences. These sentences are some of the most popular search queries with your keyword. Use these as a guiding point around which you can create a video.
Thorough keyword research will help you in listing down potential topics for a video. Topics around popular keywords are bound to attract more visitors since these are the topics that warrant more content.
  • Optimizing the Title
The title is probably one of the most important ingredients of the YouTube SEO success recipe. Many content creators do not take the naming of the video seriously.
They believe since the content is good, the name of the video can be mediocre. But this is a wrong approach revealed a digital marketing agency.
The title of your video needs to contain the keywords of the topic. Try incorporating a long-tail keyword into your title. This will help in optimizing the video to reach a larger audience.
  • Incorporating Keywords In The Video
A good YouTube video is high on content which is relevant and original. Make sure your videos are well scripted and shot with proper lighting and editing.
Apart from the production value of the video you also need to incorporate your keywords in the video. Suppose you are doing a video on the basics of digital marketing, then as a speaker please use sentences like
“what is digital marketing?”, “Do you know about Google Analytics?”, “What is SEO?”. This will help in your video’s SEO and the video will become in-depth and knowledgable as well.
  • Description And Links
link building
YouTube has made a block where you write a description for your video. As a digital marketing service, we recommend that you write a detailed description of your video.
Use all the keywords, make the description naturally flowing and easy to understand.  Talk about what you have covered in the video and give a few tips which might not be a part of the video.
Another thing that can be done for SEO is adding links in the description. This gives you the much needed “backlink” juice to your website but also allows you to attract more organic traffic to your website. Add links to your social media pages and other related videos as well.
You can also try the timestamp method for emphasizing on some points in the video. This will give you the chance to highlight parts of the video and use keywords again!
  • Engagement
Audience engagement on YouTube is very important. End your videos with questions asking your audience about their opinions and thoughts on the video. Encourage discussions in the comments section.
Also request your audience to like the video, share it and subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers you gain the higher your loyal audience base.
According to SEO services in Pune conducting polls in the comments section also increases engagement.
Always ensure that you reply to the comments posted by the viewers. This makes them feel valued and makes them want to explore your brand even more.
YouTube channels and videos are a big part of a good content marketing strategy. They help you in increasing your brand’s reach and awareness.
They bring more organic traffic to your website and they ultimately assist in lead generation and sales. Incorporate your YouTube videos to your website as well. This will increase your rank in SERPs and keep your website dynamic and interactive at all times.


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