Friday, 8 November 2019


Information Security System allows an Organisation to fill the gaps in their own security capabilities and strengthen security posture. And to bring this in real do consider the innumerable advantages Deven InfoTech has to offer for your company.
The traditional way of working is gradually liquidating & why not, who doesn’t like to have innovations in their company. But as it said, “In every seed of good there is always a piece of bad”. When combining this phrase with today’s highly developing work culture in organisations, there is always a risk of something or the other to be evolved which can possibly intensify the situation. Possibilities are your confidential data be at risk may be it from cyber attack or even from your own company employees. Threats now are becoming more enlightened than ever and in order to reduce the same, there has to be a peerless solution for it.
To transmit your company to a guarded position only choosing the best technology in the market is not enough. The involvement of right mix of people, services, processes, policies also needs to be taken care of. The combination of the above components ensures your company’s approach towards information security & to implement it Deven InfoTech would like to be your collaborator.
Deven InfoTech provides end-to-end Identity and Access Management (IAM) services, ranging from consultation, architecture, implementation and managing services. Our solution addresses the IAM challenges with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments making it a crucial business enabler. Implementing our IAM solutions enables organizations to efficiently manage identities, provides the right level of access for employees, vendors, and customers to ensure seamless service delivery. It also improves operational efficiency, visibility into user access, protecting an enterprise against cyber-attacks.
Our Services Include:
Security Audit
Web and Mobile App Security
Implementation Services
Support & Maintainance Services
Our Value Propositions are:
Empower Line of Business to efficiently manage user access for governance, risk, and compliance.
Improve operational efficiency and Reduce cost of identity & access management with centralized policy, integrated role and identity lifecycle management.
Reduce attack surface, protection of sensitive data, intellectual property & brand reputation.
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