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Say Bye Bye to Old Email Marketing in 2017 (Read What's Trending New)

Well, it’s time to turn over a new leaf for email marketers. The year has gone now and the old theories of email marketing have to be passed along with it. Every new year brings many new agendas with it which have to be followed by the marketers to take the sales graph of their business on a higher notch.

Email is the key factor in the era of online marketing, though marketers should have to evolve their tactics timely to meet the demands of the changing audience.

2016 was not the great year of marketing success for any-sized business. Marketers had tried different strategies to grab the attention of the customers. Meanwhile, some tricks had worked out in generating actual leads, but most had not.

Still, marketers cannot ignore the key role of email marketing in promoting their businesses on digital platforms. It is the most effective tool in the kit of online marketing, however, it has to be sharpened timely to get the effective results.

We are in 2017, time to say bye bye to the old email marketing ways, here we bring you the future of email marketing that will help you in increasing your email list, receiving a better response from your subscribers and generating sales lead through them.

Check-out the new trends of email marketing in 2017:

#1. Keep it More infographic

The total number of views to their content are increased by 94 percent when they added at least one image. The study found that visual is the effective way to let people know about what you have provided them and, if it’s a good image, they will go for the rest of your message.

There is one more reason why an image or infographic is a must in your content, which is, a picture describes better than words. Plus, it is less time-consuming.

So focus on attaching at least one image with your content or try to say your message via infographics, the latest trend of content.

See an email from

#2. Personalization 

Make it Top Priority - In the email marketing, personalization is a must and powerful way to engage with the recipients. Since a vast amount of customer data can easily be accessed using marketing automation software, every marketer should use them to analyze and send personalized emails to their recipients.

As what reports say, according to the DMA’s Email Tracking Report, 63 percent of email receivers agree that there is a lack of relevant emails to their interest in the inbox.

A personalised and relevant email send to the recipients gets a better response from them and keep them engaged with your business. The vast email data help you in finding the interest of your subscriber.

If you are sending the right mail to the right recipient means you are creating a strong user base.

#3. Mobile Friendly: Optimise for Mobile

About 66 percent emails are read on mobile phones, therefore optimise your emails for mobile users before sending them.

According to a study by comScoremobiles are the primary contributor in digital media time, while the computers are slipping out on the second place. Indeed, mobile users have already outnumbered desktop users several years back.

We would like to take your attention on the fact that 75 percent subscribers delete email instantly if they are unable to access full info on their mobile phones.

So if you are targeting desktops or wide-screen tablets to open your emails, you are missing a huge opportunity.


#4. Reframe the Newsletter

When you click on a website, you have often seen a pop-up message asking for “Join Our Newsletter”. Doesn’t that sound annoying to you? Though, it was one of the most popular email marketing trends for several years.

In the recent years, when email marketing is swiftly moving towards personalisation, from the earlier trend of generalisation, the email newsletters have been failing to leave the impression on visitors.

Asking a website visitor to sign up for your email newsletter without knowing his or her interest, is not a good manner of welcome.

Instead of it, feed up your visitors with something of their interest while asking for email addresses. Tell them how subscribing your newsletters will be beneficial to them.

For example, if you own an e-commerce website, you can ask your visitors, “Subscribe our Newsletter to never miss any of the hot deals.”

See how crocs ask visitors for sign up.

#5. Attach Video in Email

Since the marketers are looking for the ways to strengthen the customer relationship bond with their recipients, interactive content is an effective exercise for this.

Along with the images, sending video is another popular way of communication among the internet users. It should be noted that people are 10 times more likely to engage, share and comment on a video than any other type of content.

Moreover, mentioning the word “video” in the subject line can pump up open rates by 19 percent and CTR (Click-Through Rates) by 65 percent.

Also, add an option to share the video on different social media platforms which will work as a chain promotion of your brand.

Here is an example from Wistia

#7. Cut the Length of Your Email

If you don’t know, an average corporate person receives more than a hundred emails per day. Plus, we are repeatedly attacked by the ads, notifications and other online services. So people prefer to go with short and straight forward content. Also, the popularity of reading emails on mobile phones is constantly rising, so make your email perfect for the small screens.

A catchy subject line and a call to action content are the two important facts of email marketing in 2017.

#8. Automated Emails

Although the last year was not the good success for automated emails, the marketers can not underestimate the importance of this trend. Welcome emails and cart abandonment emails are already contributing a major part in generating revenues through email marketing.

The automated emails present the huge opportunities for the brands to better engage with the subscribers. According to a report by DMA, automated email campaigns account for 21% of email marketing revenue.

Have you got any letest email marketing trends? Or any question?

Please mention in the comment section below!

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