Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Sarv Guide : Domain Approval & Authentication Process

We all hate SPAM as we are very well aware of its role in downfall of any business. At Sarv we ensure that all of our customers are Responsible Email Senders. We are committed to provide deliverability & inbox placement of the email. The Real-Time tracking feedback loops in our system helps ensure our personal network reputation along with the reputation of our customers.

Who is a responsible email sender? A Responsible Email Sender is one who sends only Marketing Email or Transactional Email to those who approved for the email reception through verified opt-in process.

Marketing Email: Any email that sent to the Group or One recipient primarily contains a commercial (advertisement, offer, direct and indirect sales pitch) message or content intended for a directly or indirectly commercial purpose.

Transactional Email: One-to-one emails initiated as reaction on action generated by recipient. Examples include verification related emails, alert mails, order placement/buying/processing related mails etc. 
Here is a list of Responsible Email Senders:
  • Sending mails for pure Transactional purpose as defined above
  • Detailed verification of email addresses of all subscribers (double opt-in)
  • Suppressing list of inactive recipients/subscribers (who don't open and read their content any more).
  • Stops sending to recipients who have unsubscribed or snoozed.
  • Registration process should be wide and clear on every email sender to confirm the source of subcribers.
Sarv being a Responsible Email Sender, we make sure all customers complete the sending domain validation process -- after which your domain(s) will be activated and ready for sending. This process has few steps to follow:
  • Compliance Review of your account by our team.
  • Ownership Verification (Abuse/Postmaster setup)
  • Authentication Setup

Once you register on and activate a demo plan, each sign-up is assigned a dedicated account manager. The account manager is responsible for “Compliance Review” of your account & once your account is verified then you are enabled to send upto 1000 emails. To increase this limit you need to verify your “Domain ownership and Domain authentication”.
Domain Ownership verification is another important process whcih will be done by our system. An email will be send to any of your added domains, which will carry a verification link & once the link is clicked, domain will be verified.
Domain authentication includes DKIM and SPF records creation & updation. Once DKIM and SPF records are added in your domain, our system will validate your records and you are all set to start sending mails.

If Your Sending Domain Is Rejected...

If your sending domain is Rejected, because your account manager or our compliance team do not recognise you as trusted email sender then double check your domain if its working fine as per following terms.
  • Domain/Subdomain Requirements
  • Make sure your Domain ownership and Domain authentication is completed properly
  • A/AAAA record or valid MX record in DNS must exist for your domain
  • Your website is up and running.
  • Your website having proper registration or subscription process.
  • If sending domain is a Subdomain then it must belong from your main domain. E.g. sending domain is and main domain is
  • Is not under construction or a holding page
  • Resides in the same country from where you registered your account
To re-apply you need to delete your domain and submit it again.
If you still think that rejecting your domain a mistake, please submit a support request we will be happy to explain you why it’s rejected or if required we will approve it as an exception (as per terms and conditions).

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