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Sales Secrets You Can Learn in No Time!

Sales is an art that requires patience and anticipating your customer’s moves at the same time. If you think that you can make a sale within minutes of meeting your client, I think it is time you reconsider your strategies and think practically.
For many entrepreneurs and sales person, making their first sale is a task of great achievement for them.
So it is essential for a sales person to be thorough with the answers to the questions like, “How is my product different from that of the competitor?”, “How should I be prepared to handle objections from the customer?”, “How should I present the product to the customer?”, “What type of questions should I ask the customer?”
No matter what you sell or where you sell, conflicts are sought to arise if we are talking about sales. They are unavoidable. The key lies in how you prepare for it.
It is easy to spot some sales people struggling hard to make sales in an organization while others swiftly completing their target without any difficulty. The difference between them lies in many aspects and one can learn them within no time.
Dealing with customers is not always as easy as it might seem. There are mostly two types of customers that are easy to spot. One are those customers who come with their genuine problems and issues and have a valid reason to be upset, others who follow the ‘customer is always right principle’ and take the most advantage out of it.
good salesperson should be able to handle and manage both the types of customers easily without much difficulty.
If you are a marketing sales aspirant and want to figure out the secrets for successful sales, you are at the right place.
Here are a few sales secret that you can learn in no time.

1. Keep up the learning process

No matter how expert you become in sales, or how many targets have you have beaten with your exceptional skills, you always need to be in a learning mode because you may find something new in every customer.
Each customer approaches your sales department with their own kind of problems and issues. So, no matter how skilled you are in sales, there are possibilities that what you tried for one customer might go opposite for the other.
If you want to be a true sales superstar you need to keep on learning every day. Make sure that you do not forget to learn each single day.

2. Sell them benefits instead of features of your product

Most of the entrepreneurs or sales people focus on selling their product and features to the customer. In this process they entirely forget to mention the benefits of the products for the customer’s use that will improve or make his life better.
Consider for example if you are selling an energy drink, instead of just saying that the drink will benefit the customer’s body, you can highlight other factual and relevant points. These can be telling the customer that the energy drink makes them thinner, more energetic, more alert and helps in avoiding frequent feelings of fatigue.
By saying all this you are basically making the customer realize how their life will experience these benefits once they start using your product.
A feature is what something is… A benefit is what something does…
Features vs Benefits
Image source: Wordstream

3. Focus in differentiating your product

Why should the customer come out of their comfort zones and try your product? What makes your product unique in the market that will compel the user to buy it? Think about it.
Now come up with some features that clearly distinguish your product in the market. Make the customer realize that they have enough reasons to leave their old brand and try your product.
You can tell your customer that your product is less expensive, has been tested to perform better in adverse situations, has handpicked ingredients or is much faster. All these features are sure to compel your prospect to consider your product or service.

4. Keep an eye on the future sale

Most of the successful entrepreneurs and salespeople do not leave their customer once they finish closing deal with them. They make sure that the customer remembers the buying experience and tell their friends and family about it.
Those in sale might already know the importance of word to word advertising. Statistics suggest that nearly 85 percent of the sales arise on account of word to word advertising.
This makes it quite essential for salespeople to focus on the second sale and concentrate on developing a referral business and a healthy relationship with the customer.
Make sure that you provide your customer a satisfactory experience that leaves them with a mesmerized experience to go home with.
You can try offering a 100 percent guarantee for a period of one month or promise redoing something at your expense. The key is to prove the customer satisfaction at all costs.

5. Offer incentives and guarantee to your customer

A good sales person never lets the customer leave without something. You can offer your prospect something significant and of importance so that even if they are not much pleased with your product, they get inclined to buy it.
Incentives and guarantee are good schemes that will help you accomplish this task. You can offer a 10 percent off on the purchase of your product for the same day or an hour free consultation regarding a service. Other significant thing that you can offer is guarantees.
Image Source: Sarv Resource
Let your customer know that their satisfaction is guaranteed by your brand. You are making the customer feel that you are genuine and not running away one you make the sale.
Sales turns out to be a complicated process. While it is not possible to keep everyone happy at times but with the correct measures and appropriate attitude it is possible to handle situations with optimism.
You are ought to build a long lasting relationship with the customer if you are being fair, empathetic and honest in taking the little steps towards closing a deal.
The key is to make the customer believe by your actions and not just talk incessantly about your accomplishments. First say, and then make sure you do it.  

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