Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1E9 – 6 Google Ads hacks any business could use

Lets talk about 6 Google Ads hacks any business could use.
Hack #1: Custom intent campaigns – Pick relevant keywords and make a list of landing pages / websites of your competitors. Create a custom intent audience by combining the keywords and landing page list. Target this audience on the Google Display Network with a better offer than your competition.
Hack #2 Dynamic Product Remarketing – Connect your Google Merchant account with your Google Ads account and target customers who are browsing products on your site. The Ads on GDN will show the products they visited, but did not buy
Hack #3 Remarketing to people who have not converted – Simply figure out why they have not converted (use a chat bot, conduct a survey etc.) and build another landing page with a better offer. Take people who have not converted to this new landing page.
Hack #4 Gmail Sponsored Promotions – Target Gmail users with Ads. Simply select domain names of competitors from whom your potential customers would be receiving emails. Plug those domains into your GSP campaign and you are now targeting a much more refined audience who is receiving emails from a certain business.
Hack #5 Responsive Display Ads – They are all the rage currently with marketers using Google Ads. You provide a image and headline + description copy and wait for Google to build Responsive Ads that convert better than the standard display ads.
Hack #6 Target CPA – After you have got a minimum of 15 conversions, you should switch to Target CPA bidding strategy to achieve conversions at the cost of acquisition you are ready to pay.

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