Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1E8 – How often should you blog?

There are two school of thoughts – Publishing as many blog posts as possible vs. publishing quality content.
1. Quantity: By publishing as often as possible, you are in for the volume game. Like Hubspot or Neil Patel. I work with as a corporate trainer and they publish 2 to 3 blog posts every day. They get 200k visitors to their website as per SEMRush., which is another client we work with gets 65-70k traffic from blogs. They publish 1 blog post a day. You can adopt this approach if you have the resources at your disposal. Funds to pay freelance writers or an in-house team to create content everyday.
2. Quality: The same result of getting considerable amount of traffic can be achieved by posting fewer number of times, but focusing on quality & comprehensive content. By comprehensive content, I mean that a blog post is a minimum of 2k words. Brian Dean from follows this approach. If you are an individual contributor to your blog, I’d recommend taking this approach.
Whichever approach you choose, make sure that you are consistent and stick to it.

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