Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1E45 – 5 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics for B2B companies

Marketing for B2B companies is slightly different than marketing for B2C companies. For B2B companies, the target audience is quite niche. You are targeting top fortune 500 companies or may be just the CEO’s / CMO’s / CTO’s who are decision makers at these companies. For such a small and well defined market, you need to reach out to them in a different manner.
Here are our 5 essential digital marketing tactics for B2B companies:<
1. LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn has paid advertising which allows you to precisely target decision makers. You can target basis of geography / location, role, designation, years of experience and many more parameters. You could also upload email IDs and remarket to your website visitors. If you opt to use LinkedIn Ads, we’d recommend using theLead form on LinkedIn. We also recommend using carousel / single image / video in your sponsored content. Here are some additional tips on generating leads via LinkedIn.
2. LinkedIn Organic: One way to drive brand awareness for your B2B company is to be active on LinkedIn and build thought leadership. A good strategy would be to identify and follow influencers in your industry. Once they post on their profile / business page, you should comment on the post by adding some value to all the people who are going to read the Influencer’s post. Other than commenting on posts, you should look at adding people to your network and growing your reach. LinkedIn is a good platform to send out collaboration requests to industry peers. You can listen to this podcast on How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to grow organically.
3. Content Marketing: When it comes to B2B businesses, focus your effort on content creation because not many in the B2B space are doing that great with content creation. Build comprehensive guides (10000+ words) and convert them to web pages, create eBooks, Infographics, and explanatory videos. You will need to build content across the consumer journey to have them choose your product or service over your competitors.
4. Outreach & PR on niche Industry websites: Look out for guest author opportunities with Industry websites. You can stand out as a thought leader by contributing insightful content on such websites. For e.g. is a website for Lending & Leasing related businesses. You can also strike affiliate marketing deals for your products to generate leads from these industry niche websites.
5. Search Engine Optimization: On page SEO is critical for B2B companies. You need to have Product / Services, Features, Blog, Reviews, Competitor comparison pages on your website to rank higher for your search terms. Do not look at explosive traffic growth when it comes to B2B. Rather than organic traffic, look at other metrics such as conversions (leads) / time on site / inbound calls that come in from Organic traffic.

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