Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1E44 – 5 Core Digital Marketing Strategies for SaaS Products

If you are a SaaS (Software as a service) company, chances are that you are investing a lot of efforts on digital marketing to drive leads. We have worked with a few SaaS companies in the past and since these businesses target a niche audience, it is slightly tougher to market a SaaS business.
Here are my 5 core digital marketing strategies for SaaS products:
1. Content Marketing: When it comes to SaaS businesses, focus your effort on content creation because not many in the B2B space are doing that great with content creation. Build comprehensive guides (10000+ words) and convert them to web pages, create eBooks, Infographics, and explanatory videos. You will need to build content across the consumer journey to have them choose your SaaS product.
2. Reviews: Most of the marketing managers / CIOs / CTOs would choose a SaaS product by reading reviews onG2Crowd, SoftwareAdvice and other review websites. Make sure you rock these reviews. Get your best customers to rate & review you on these third party platforms. If you are an app on Salesforce, then your Salesforce App Listing reviews are critical to get adoption and rank higher in the Salesforce App Store.
3. Influencer Outreach: Decision makers who would sign up for your SaaS product would be interested in views of the community. They tend to read a lot of Developer (Tech) & Marketer blogs to get opinions of influencers. You need to reach out to the right influencers in your industry – tech bloggers, marketing bloggers etc. and build relationships to influence their opinion.
4. SEO: On page SEO is critical for SaaS companies. You need to have Product, Features, Blog, Reviews, Competitor comparison pages on your website to rank higher for your search terms
5. Conversion Optimization: I would call it engaging with your potential customers across the funnel. You should be setting up Email workflows and get visitors to subscribe to your newsletters. Rather than focusing on traffic growth, you need to get more juice from your current traffic

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