Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1E42 – 5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospitals and Medical Practitioners

Hospitals and Healthcare service providers / medical practitioners such as doctors & nutritionists are turning to Digital marketing to promote their services. Most of these services are local in nature i.e. you want to target an audience in and around at catchment area / your physical location.
Here are 5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospitals and Medical Practitioners:
1. Local SEO: Make sure that you rock your Google My Business Listing. Most of your potential customers are going to search for your business using locality names in their search queries. For e.g. Physiotherapist in Mumbai, Pediatrician in Chicago etc. For such local queries, Google Search Results are dominated by the 3-pack Google Maps Listing. To show up in Google Maps, you need to have a Google My Business Account. Here are some tips to optimize your Google My Business account. Apart from listing on GMB, Bing Places and other maps sites, you can also list your hospital / medical practice on local listing sites such as, and other local news sites.
2. Google Ads: You should definitely advertise on Google Ads. To get the most our of Google Ads, use local keywords, call-only ads (as patients tend to call in rather than fill out an online form), Call & Location extensions. Create service specific landing pages with your contact information. If you have multiple clinics / hospital chain, list all your addresses & contact information on the landing pages.
3. Locality & Service Pages on website: One of the most underexplored tactic is to have service & locality pages on your website. For e.g. /physiotherapists-in-mumbai or /physician-in-chicago, /physician-in-austin. Since people are searching for your services locally, you can rank higher on Google SERPs if you have these pages on your website.
4. Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads could be leveraged to target a local customer. You can use pin-point geo targeting (1-2 mile / 2-3 km radius targeting) to reach out to a local audience. With Facebook, you should setup remarketing campaigns for website visitors.
5. Chat bots / Chat Agent on Website: For healthcare service providers, most customers would like to remain anonymous and not fill out online forms. They would rather want to speak to a medical specialist or a customer service representative to book an appointment. In such cases, having a Chat bot / Chat Agent on your website is highly effective.

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