Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1E31 – How to identify blog topics

Finding blog topics to write about can be tough. I have 6 ways of finding blog topics to write about:
1. Wikipedia: Wikipedia has pages for different topics and a lot of these topic pages rank higher in search results. You could simply go to Wikipedia and type in your topic to find a page. The page will have table of contents which act as sub-topics and help you not just to identify blog topics but also to structure your blog.
2. Reddit: You could find sub-reddit’s related to a topic. For example you could search for “SEO” on reditt and find different topics / communities related to SEO. People ask a lot of questions related to topics and you can use it to understand the problems that consumers are facing. You could write a blog topic that provides a solution to questions asked in communities.
3. BuzzSumo: Buzzsumo tells you which topics are trending on Social media in terms of likes, comments, shares and evergreen score. You could just type in a generic term and find all the articles that are getting likes, comments or shares. Simply use these trending topics as blog topics.
4. SEMRush Organic Research: We have a paid subscription to SEMRush and use their Organic Research tool for competitor research. We simply plugin domain of our competitors and get all the pages that are ranking higher on SERPs. We then see whether there are any blog pages that are getting good traffic. We simply advise our clients to build a better version of that blog.
5. Udemy Course: By looking for a course on Udemy related to your topic, you can get a lot of intel. Look at the most selling course for a topic on which you might want to write. For e.g. there are many courses on “Technical stock analysis”. Pick the most purchased / highly rated course and see the index to identify blog topics to write about
6. Quora Questions: You can also look at Quora and search for a broad subject. By looking at questions that have not been answered or questions that are appearing high in Google SERPs, we can identify blog topics to write.

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