Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1E27 – 3 Digital Marketing Skills to have in 2019

You need to have these 3 digital marketing skills in 2019:
1. Content creation: You should have the ability to produce quality content. Whether it is writing blogs, producing podcasts or creating videos, you should be able to create remarkable content. To create content, first you need to understand who your target audience is and accordingly create content for your buyer persona’s. One essential skill that you need to gain is Keyword Research. If you can use Ubersuggest or any other keyword research tool, you can identify the keywords that are being searched by your target audience and create keyword-rich content. If you include the right keywords in your blog / podcast / youtube videos, you will show up higher in search results, thus getting more traffic to your website.
2. Content promotion via Social Media: Content creation is only 20% of the job done. The rest 80% is promoting your content so that it reaches out to the right audience. You can leverage many social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter to promote the content. Make sure you find relevant forums and online communities to engage and promote your content.
3. Conversion optimization: Another important skill to have is to be able to optimize your website for conversions. What is conversion optimization? It is getting more leads / sales / desired outcomes from the traffic that comes to your website. Rather than focusing on getting additional traffic, you need to learn how to convert your traffic better. A good understanding of user experience & user interface design goes a long way to optimize your website. By knowing the basics of Google Analytics, you can understand where visitors are dropping off from your website and take steps to stem the rot. Conversion optimization is a key skill for B2B or eCommerce businesses.

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