Saturday, 23 November 2019

Rise With The Ranking With SEO And Ranking Tips

Every brand wants their website to rank higher and be visible to everyone. You would want all this through organic search. How is that possible, you wonder? Have you always wanted to know those magic tricks to grow the organic traffic for the blog or website? Your search ends here. Below are a few quick tips to get yourself shining brightly in the www. (dot) world.
  • Put the keyword in the right places and don’t try to stuff all the keywords.
  • Make sure the content on the website is up to date. A lot of people tend to keep the same old content. This does not help them and does not do any good.
  • Analyse where the traffic is coming from. Know the right source and target audience.
  • Verify the blog and website with the google search console. It helps optimize the visibility and gives better results.
  • Write content for the audience and not the bot. Write the content that people would want to read not something according to just the keywords.
  • A responsive website gets more followers. Mobile responsive is the best way. Can check it on the Google’s Mobile-Friendly- Test
  • Keep the URL’s short and not lengthy.
  • Use the long-tail keywords and use it in the right places.
  • Use keywords in heading 2 and heading 3.
  • Use good images and make sure you put in the alt text. 1 or 2 keywords in the images.
Create the content that is SEO friendly and get through the jungle of tons of websites trying to win the game. Writing quality content instead of just doing it for the keywords is a big, No No. So avoid doing that and get started with making the right moves through SEO as it is not only more alive now it is making all the site rankings better each day.

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