Saturday, 23 November 2019

Responsibilities of A Social Media Manager

A few years ago when I first began working social media, I figured out that I write well. Slowly learnt how to publish posts on social media, how to schedule them on time and day. So, it was still more time to learn more about campaigns, contests, analytics, etc.
But I knew that I very well knew more than the client. Learning every day using different tools and looking at different pages on social media gave me a broader scope of using my creative mind.
All I knew was that I knew a little more about social media than my client.
Over the years, I learnt the in and out of social media marketing and understanding the a good level of SEO. Slowly and gradually I turned pro in social media marketing. Today, you ask me anything I will be able to help and consult you for your social media projects. Now I am a manager handling 3 people under me. It feels great because I have had bad managers and understand how it feels to be criticised badly. There is a way to criticise, saying that you are not performing well could be worse, rather one can say, you have a lot of potential to grow. God, I wanted to hear such good reviews and get help, unfortunately it did not happen, hence I try not to be a bad manager.
I am always open to give ideas and help them work so that they can learn and use better techniques to reach their goals. So being a social media manager is not easy. You need to be a little critical plus you should gel with your team so that they can approach you for help whenever they can without any hesitation. Therefore, I love having fun with team mates. So what does a social media manager do?
So you need to identify your roles from client to client!
Every brand I worked on had different objectives, obviously. So I have to suggest different platforms of social media keeping their brand image and potential target audience. So at point of time, I might be tweeting and at other I was posting Instagram stories. It’s important to keep the conversation going with the client. Your client shouldn’t feel left, you are the project manager, you are responsible to build a good rapport with the client and also take care of the project execution.
You also have to worry about timelines, you cannot promise a deadline to the client unless and until you do not speak to the team about it. Your team mates might have their tasks listed and this might disrupt the schedule. Also, strategy building was my core line of work. I started setting up brainstorming sessions with my team and we could develop tons of ideas to do on social media. This helped us gaining more clients and also levelled up the thinking technique. We kept referring to other brand pages too and learnt how they are better in building engagement and reach.
Apart from this I was also involved with the design team. Once we built campaigns, our next objective was to get the designers on board by explaining them the concept. With examples of some relevant images and explaining our thought is very important. You need to make them understand what is in your mind.
After that your content. My team used to build content and I was responsible to proof read and see if we can make more social media friendly. Typical content doesn’t really work today; you need to send the same message in a creative way. It’s fun to work and more than that it is fun to learn new things.
My advice to you all will be to learn as much as you can and you too might turn out to become a social media manager. Good luck!

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