Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Public Relations

Focus on your goals

An exhaustive PR plan with organizational goals and timelines is the cornerstone for any successful PR campaign. Our start point is the definition of the target audience and media with the organizational goals as the guide rails. Developing corporate messages and creating a 90-day growth plan for media outreach, pitching and measuring success.

Media Training: Identifying your Key Players and enhancing their communication mediums.
Focused content: Determine subject matter areas based on your key player’s expertise.

Access media contacts across industries

Align with your target market either regionally or nationwide. We engage our best PR experts who have the industry wherewithal to create enthralling editorials.

Results-driven: Our team hustles to secure placements in trade and mainstream outlets.
Well-connected: With media contacts across industries, we have the right database to pitch your ideas.

Increase credibility, enhance visibility

Use your current inbound marketing efforts and third-party-generated content to build brand recognition. We work with your team to identify your internal subject matter experts, elevate your thought leadership content, and amplify your efforts with our extensive media network.

Continual pitching and content distribution: Consistency is key with focused, brand-aligned messages. Give content to writers, editors, analysts, and journalists who can promote your effort.
Newsworthy abstracts: Showcase your industry expertise while aligning with the media’s subject matter.



  1. hi. Whats the first thing to do when you start a new job as a pro in an organisation,

  2. Ask your head,
    What are my exact role & Responsibilities?

    Learn what are the expectation from the management.
    Fulfill first the expectations and what is extra from your side will decide your growth factor.

    Best luck.
    Mahesh Hasarmani


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