Saturday, 23 November 2019

Promoting Celebrity Social Media!

celebrity social media

What’s it like to handle and promote social media platforms of artists and celebrities? Wow! Celebrities ha? Singers, Celebrity Makeup Artists, Anchors, Models, Actors, Dancers, DJ blah blah blah… Sounds good right? Nah, Nah! You are mistaken, it’s tougher. You basically become their boyfriend, Say Yes for they think right is, you cannot argue, bear their mood swings, you have to say sorry even if it’s not your mistake and so on. You have to take approval of each and every single alphabet, wait for their replies while they are busy as hell shooting, rehearsing, jet lags, traveling, etc. And if you are late you are screwed.
There is an immense difference between how you promote a business and how you promote an artist. Here you don’t have to sell products; you have to maintain the brand image of the artists, bring business to them in a way which is not business but an opportunity to showcase their talent, more followers, more engagement, an increase of social media presence, all this within the restrictions of their mindset. Most of you must be complaining why they become such a pain in the ass, come on!! They are celebrities; they have worked their ass off to achieve what they are today. Anything goes wrong it’s all over the news and thousands talk about it. For Example – You dress up in a particular way, you talk in a walk in a particular way, you think 1000 times before uploading a stupid selfie on Snapchat, why? Because it’s your image, it defines your personality, people are going to talk about it. Then why not all these celebrities have their own tantrums? Don’t worry I will help you.
– Have Patience, Keep your ego and shit aside.
– Become and think alike the celebrity, the way they talk, their thoughts, their perceptions, their opinions, their brand image, their demands, etc
– Be very particular with timings & everything you post from the spellings to the hashtags.
– Be ready to receive the calls early morning 7 or late night 10.
– Understand what they need & make them understand how each ad works and benefits.
– Be smart & make them clearly understand how social media works.
– Come up with most creative ideas.
– Be in constant contact with them, they should realize that you are interested and want to work wholeheartedly for them.
– Results are important, if they don’t see results, they will simply switch to some other agency.
Being honest, it is amazing to work with celebrities. It’s a whole new world of opportunities. You make a lot of contacts. And if you do well, you are showered with appreciations (Paisa). This helps you develop yourself. I hope nobody sues me for this. Tada!

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